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    November 09, 2006

    Ken Mehlman's gerbil wheel

    Posted by: Chris

    Mehlman Surely he didn't put it exactly this way:

    CNN's John King just reported that Ken Mehlman will be leaving as chair of the Republican National Committee (i.e., head of the Republican party) by the end of the year. Apparently Kenny's just tuckered out. According to King, "He's been on the gerbil wheel, as one of his close friends put it, for well in excess of six years now and he's tired."

    I just heard King report it again on Lou Dobbs' show, but sans the gerbil reference. Perhaps Mehlman is simply exhausted from six years of cynical wedging gay Americans, but the timing will definitely raise eyebrows. So will Bill Maher go forward with his plans for outing Mehlman on Friday?



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