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    November 15, 2007

    Gay News Watch Wed. Top 5

    Posted by: Chris

    Gnw_lighthouse_logosmall I thought I would try a new daily feature here on the blog that tips you off to the most popular stories each day over at Gay News Watch, my other web site.  If a story here peaks your interest, just click on "Quick Look" or "More" to get the details.  You'll also find an "Editor's Pick" at the end that highlights a story I found of particular interest. Enjoy.

    1. Phoenixgayfight_2 Boyfriends cheat death in fight on busy Ariz. freeway:  QUICK LOOK: Two men fighting in the middle of rush-hour traffic on Interstate 17 had motorists slamming on their brakes in disbelief as fists flew and tempers flared, Department of Public ... (MORE)
    2. Syphilisrash Unsafe sex spurs rise in syphillis incidence: QUICK LOOK: Syphilis, spurred by unsafe sex among gay men, rose 14 percent in the U.S. last year and the government said chlamydia cases topped 1 million, the most ever reported... (MORE)
    3. Sexparty Sex parties for HIV-neg men only stir controversy: QUICK LOOK: An HIV activist has gone off on a limb that has alienated him from AIDS researchers, activists and organizations by advocating "self-serosorting" by HIV-positive and... (MORE)
    4. Seyed_mahmoud_hashemi_shahrudi Iranian chief judge halts execution for teen sodomy: QUICK LOOK: The impending death sentence of Makvan Mouloodzadeh, a 21-year old Iranian citizen found guilty of multiple counts of anal rape (ighab), allegedly committed when he was... (MORE)
    5. Gayorrapper Details Mag kills controversial 'Gay or…?' feature: QUICK LOOK: Details magazine has wrapped up its four-year-old satirical and occasionally controversial back-page feature that asked of a given type each month: "Gay or... ?" Among... (MORE)

    Usflag2 Gay groups place flags to honor discharged troops:  QUICK LOOK: Several leading LGBT organizations in the United States are to join forces later this month to honour the 12,000 servicemen and women discharged as a result of the ban... (MORE)

    It's been almost 15 years since Bill Clinton accepted "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as the so-called compromise solution for his bungled effort to allow gays to serve openly in the U.S. military.  His wife is still defending his failure of leadership as a necessary "transition" from an outright ban on military service by gays. In fact, the 1993 debate over gays in the military is an important reminder of the difference between Clinton promises and Clinton follow-through.

    Throughout the whole debacle, President Clinton stayed on the defensive, trying to duck the issue, and never muttering anything more in the defense of gays except his lame line about how we don't have a person to waste. As if to say, "we even need the queers." 

    The Republicans, aligned with conservative Democrats like Georgia's Sam Nunn, occupied the vacuum, touring submarines to show the military's close living quarters. (The great irony of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" for me is the old barracks canard. Considering DADT allows gays to serve only if they stay in the closet, it actually exacerbates the privacy issue. If I were a hetero soldier paranoid about gay soldiers staring at my naughty bits, I'd much prefer to know which ones are gay, so I could stay out of their range. On the flipside, a closeted soldier can get away with far more stolen glances than his out and proud counterpart.)

    Now a new gay group formed to fight the ban, Servicemembers United, is joining together with Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, Log Cabin Republicans and HRC to mount a very public protest of the policy, and the 12,000 service members discharged since DADT was signed into law.

    Another DADT irony? Many of those 12,000 aren't even gay. They're modern day Corporal Klingers from "M*A*S*H," pleading homosexuality to escape military service during time of war. Repealing DADT isn't just the right thing to do by the civil rights of gay Americans, but for the strapped American military as well.



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