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    October 30, 2008

    Obama on privacy and the right to marry

    Posted by: Andoni

    Did Barack Obama just give us a hint on how he will ultimately come down on same sex marriage? In an interview with Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News this evening, Brian asked him about how he might approach his appointments to the Supreme Court. In describing how he might interview a prospective Justice Obama said

    a right to privacy ...(is) not perfectly enumerated in the Constitution, but you know, I think it is there. The right to marry who you please isn't in the Constitution but I think all of us assume that if a state decided to pass a law saying, Brian you can't marry the woman you love, then you'd think that is unconstitutional. Where does that come from? I think it comes from the right to privacy.

    The right to privacy comes at 1:30 into the.

    Obviously Obama uses the word "woman" when giving this example to Brian Williams, but I would argue that the right to privacy Obama sees in the Constitution would also apply to me..... my right to marry the man of my dreams.

    I am very pleased with how Obama reads the Constitution.



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