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    January 31, 2010

    The one-woman Saturday Night Live

    Posted by: Chris

    Kristen wiig mindy grayson snl secret word
    When Kristen Wiig first joined the cast of "Saturday Night Live," I wasn't even sure I liked her and never imagined she would rank among the best talents the show has ever produced, male or female. Now I find myself watching the show just waiting for the next skit to feature her.

    I'm a big fan of the recurring characters, of course, especially braggadocious Penelope and so freakin' excitable Sue, and of course the Target lady (especially the episode with Justin Timberlake as her gal pal Peg). But I like Wiig best of all when she takes a modestly funny, offbeat character and through sheer talent turns them into an instant classic.

    Last night she came close with Lillia, an egocentric party host from the 1920s.

    But to be honest, this entire post is just an excuse to share with you this final clip, from an SNL last fall hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Wiig plays Mindy Grayson, a 1960s Broadway star getting her guest turn on "The Secret Word," a send-up of "Password." The half of the skit featuring Gordon-Levitt as a South American singer is pretty much a flop, but Wiig is at her absolute best for her portion, and it ranks among my all-time SNL favorites: 



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    1. creative recreation on Jul 28, 2010 10:29:21 PM:

      In between the reality which you consistently publish to my RSS reader w/o the actual indicate, and John C's general demeanor, I've unsubscribed. I acquire that that is cranky Geeks, still you can find no way one individual is the fact that pissed off about every thing.

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      I bet they're gonna time it for 2012 so in their campaign for re-election they will have the nerve to tell gays "Hey! We realized ONE of our campaign promises to you folk, in FOUR YEARS."

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      I bet they're gonna time it for 2012 so in their campaign for re-election they will have the nerve to tell gays "Hey! We realized ONE of our campaign promises to you folk, in FOUR YEARS."

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