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    November 02, 2006

    Homosexual superiority?

    Posted by: Chris

    Just yesterday I pointed out that despite our XY chromosome, we gay men are much better behaved than our heterosexual counterparts, who can't seem to get together for a good time without getting into fights or pulling out their guns. Apparently at least one heterosexual male agrees.

    Moby Dance music genius Moby said he's so appalled by macho straight male culture that he hopes his future children will be gay. That way "they are less likely to get into a fight and less likely to date rape people." (Memo to Neil Patrick Harris: So don't be so defensive about it; after all, you played one on TV.)

    Moby adds, "I'm straight but I've grown up around gay people and gay clubs. They are superior to straight people. If you have a gay child, you're more inclined to be a prouder parent."

    That may depend, however, on the parent's religious or political affiliations. Consider this honor roll:
    *   GOP activists Alan ("lesbians are selfish hedonists") Keyes: daughter Maya is lesbian
    *   Eagle Forum founder Phylis Schafly, pushed GOP platform's anti-gay planks: son John is gay
    *   Anti-abortion, anti-gay activist Randall Terry: son Jamiel is gay
    *   Sadie Fields, former head of Georgia Christian Coalition, pushed state amendment banning gays from marrying: daughter Tess is lesbian 
    *   the late Charles Socarides of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH): son Richard is gay and was Bill Clinton's gay liaison
    *    the late California state Sen. Pete Knight whose "Knight Initiative" banned gay marriage there: son David is gay
    *    Bill Byrne, chair of Cobb County, Ga., Commission in 1993 who backed infamous resolution proclaiming "homosexual lifestyle" unwelcome: daughter Shannon is lesbian

    And, of course, Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Mary is gay, though he does seem to be a proud poppa. The same can't be said of momma Lynne Cheney, who was offended when asked about Mary's sexual orientation during the 2000 presidential campaign.



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    1. Scott on Jan 30, 2011 7:48:43 PM:

      Of course, the reason we are vilified is to prevent the realization that most of the world's problems (war, crime, rape, pedophilia, bad parenting) are caused by heterosexuals. However, while I agree that we are generally more "well-behaved," it is not clear if being well-behaved is the direct result of being homosexual per se and not from being psychologically stripped of our masculinity in the formative years. We learn early, from society, parents, religion, that we are not masculine. Every message pertaining to homosexuality from the media shows us as a joke, some sort of caricature, as feminine, as not real men. While this does accurately portray a large segment of our community, I believe this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Young gay men fall into this stereotype largely (I believe) out of the need to belong somewhere, not necessarily because the feminine characteristic is endemic to homosexuality.

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