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    November 16, 2006

    Take that, Eminem!

    Posted by: Chris

    He's white, he raps and he's a big ole queen. Cazwell takes the homoerotic split-personality of Eminem Slim Shady and crosses line the line that the more famous white rapper is always dancing around.

    Yeah it's a bit K-Fed cheesy, and more than a little bit raunchy, but it's also a lot of fun — if nothing else but to see one our bruthas throwin down.

    Cazwell_1 From an interview this week with the Charlotte Observer:

    Q. What do you think about being called the gay rapper? I don't think of myself as the gay rapper. Some people say that, but that makes it sound like there's only one.

    Q. Who's your favorite rapper? Biggie Smalls is most definitely my favorite and the greatest influence. I love Missy (Elliott) so much. She's a huge inspiration. She did it with her brain. She's so creative. She's so self-made.

    Q. Do you consider yourself to be a hip-hop artist? I don't see myself as hip-hop. I don't live the hip-hop lifestyle. If you're gay, you really can't roll with a hip-hop crew. I accept that. Rather than try to fit into the hip-hop mold, I try to do what I want to do. If I lived my life by the rules of hip-hop, then I couldn't be out. I'd rather create my own sound and space. …

    Q. Anyone ever tell you that you look like Eminem? No. I get Justin Timberlake.



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