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    January 10, 2007

    Take that, Kylie!

    Posted by: Chris

    Madonna Three days into the voting, Madonna and Cher have commanding leads in our little survey question about who's the greatest gay icon of all time.  As I write this post, Madonna has more than a third of all votes (35.7%) and Cher is not far behind with about a quarter of the tally (24.8%).  Judy, Liza and Barbra trail distantly, and the rest don't even register.

    I'm not at all surprised that Kylie Minogue has almost no backing here — though her fans can certainly be vocal.  Our poll confirms that the U.K. survey that named the Aussie pop star the greatest ever was by no means representative of friends of Dorothy stateside. Yeah she's beautiful and been through rough times (cancer) — two of our gay icon criteria. But, sorry, she comes up short on talent; she's had only a small handful of hits stateside and there's not much behind the pretty looks — at least not for me. 

    Madonna and Cher, on the other hand, are obvious choices.  Madonna has maintained peak popularity for almost a quarter century.  And in the 40 years Cher has spent in showbiz, she's had so many comebacks I've lost count.  Both have reinvented themselves to keep up with the times and to do their part to push the envelope.  I would even agree that Madge gets the upper hand, if for no other reason than that she's shown more substance in her art.

    I'll leave the voting open for a few more days to see if Cher can make up the distance, or Kylie can come back from her embarrassing early showing.



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    1. KJ on Jan 11, 2007 11:36:28 AM:

      I'm not anti-Madonna, but in reviewing the criteria for icon status, she's way too mainstream and the only adversity that she's overcome is self-generated.

      Okay, I'm anti-Madonna.

    1. mika on Nov 12, 2008 12:02:03 PM:

      Kylie is not talented...and who is? Madonna? hahahahahaha you are really funny man..i ve heard both of them live...Kylies voice is miles away better hahahaha..kylie is not talented?hahahaha she has a fabulous personna..look at madonna's ripp offs and you'll see who is the one & only..madonna is good..but she is old..sorry
      anyway...Kylie is a religion in Europe and Australia whether you like it or not..she is the queen here.im really sorry..MAdonna admires her too.she wore a t shirt with her name and she also likes speakerphone..she also like the choreographies of kylie concerts..im talking about the confide in me in showgirl homecoming tour and the the choreography of heartbeat in s&S tour! and there are so so many ripp offs..So drink Kaballah and calm down man!

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