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    May 24, 2007

    Gays behaving madly

    Posted by: Chris

    GomezfundraiserUPDATE:  At the end of the post.

    From loony legislators to bitchy queen congessmen to just plain bitchy queens.  A longtime reader passes along this juicy dish from today's Washington Post, on how a public relations event cum fund-raiser in Georgetown devolved into bitch slaps delivered by angry neighbors.  And yes, dear reader, all involved were gay.  From today's Reliable Source,  "This Soiree Became a Real Hair-Puller":

    Eyebrow groomer to the stars Erwin Gomez [on the right] and partner James Packard-Gomez invited 125 people to a lymphoma/leukemia benefit at their new salon on Wisconsin Avenue. The big draw was singer Julia Nixon, who agreed to perform three sets on a stage erected in the salon's back garden. The party had just gotten started when a neighbor, former [Advisory Neighborhood Commission] member Gunnar Halley, came in to complain about noise.

    Eventually, according to Gomez, glass rocks and bricks were thrown over the fence from Halley's yard, landing on frantic partygoers.

    "We were all freaking out," he said, and so he climbed over the fence into his neighbor's back yard -- and, he says, was beaten up by Halley and partner Dale O'Quinn. He scrambled back over the fence and called the police, but a second fistfight occurred when he went around the block to stand in front of his neighbor's house. Packard-Gomez was sent to the emergency room; Halley, O'Quinn and David Rahnemoon (a friend of Gomez's) were arrested for simple assault and spent the night in jail.

    Halley made the best of things in his Post interview, denying throwing objects over the fence and claiming it was all one big misunderstanding.

    Cheneyswchild Fortunately, this wasn't the lead item in Reliable Source, or even the lead gay item.  That was reserved to news that Mary Cheney had her baby on Wednesday in Washington's Sibley Hospital.

    The White House released a photo of little Samuel David Cheney swaddled in the arms of his grandma, social conservative Lynne Cheney, seated next to a beaming grandpa, the vice president. Perhaps he's hoping wistfully that his fiercely loyal daughter's burgeoning prodigy might help prop up his sagging popularity ratings.

    UPDATE: I've received an email from James Packard-Gomez in response to the first half of this post.  He writes:

    Cute article/blog you wrote but a bit trashy wording.  But i believe facts and 100+ witnesses and all (5) the video camera's rolling and 4 photographers shooting during the performance will speak volumes to a jury.  Washingtonian's who graciously opened their wallets in an effort to raise funds for cancer and were put in grave danger that is not a laughing matter.  You need to mention that the event raised over $25,000 for charity towards a cure for cancer. In 2 hours.   100% went to charity unlike most charity events. That is a very important fact.  You missed!!!!! Thanks

    Always happy to offer up space for "the rest of the story." Of course, only those present know the degree  to which tempers (and attitudes) flared betwixt the parties before the punches flew. 

    We can all agree, I think, that violence is never justified except in self-defense, and even Halley's version of events wouldn't excuse sending James to the hospital with a black eye, cuts and bruises and (lawsuit anyone?) a ruined $4,000 D&G suit.  (Too bad some of that $4,000 didn't go toward curing cancer, eh?)
    Here's wishing James well in his recovery.



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    1. KC on May 24, 2007 5:43:53 PM:

      If anyone is interested, I saw this newsclip from the AP about the new baby Cheney: http://www.thenewsroom.com/details/334057/US?c_id=kc Here's hoping he can grow up in peace, out of the lurking shadow of his family name.

    1. Kevin on May 25, 2007 12:27:27 AM:

      Aww I love emails from real people. Thanks for the update, Chris. And thanks for the plug. You gave my blog!!!!!!!! Thanks

    1. Sean on May 25, 2007 1:12:21 AM:

      Would Chris characterize a fight between two STRAIGHT men as two bitchy queens going at it? No, he wouldn't because he doesn't question their masculinity.

      These are the subtle things that keep gay men back and a joke to the general public. Literally when someone says gay or any other form of that word there is laughter. They laugh because they believe gay men are weak and insignificant.

      This is the one of the many reasons why gay men get AIDS. Because they don't want to admit they are gay and have their masculinity stripped away from them. So they have the girlfriend in public while they have sex with men in private.

      With that said I agree with the neighbor. I’ve been near many outdoor concerts or block parties and they get loud with no consideration for those that live near by.

    1. Kevin on May 25, 2007 1:28:58 PM:

      Sean, darling. Anyone can be a bitchy queen. You just have to know how to hurl a brick, real or figurative, with a certain panache, like over a fence and onto the heads of guests at a garden party (I'm still cackling over that one.) But then there are people of all persuasions who say all sorts of crazy, negative things out of jealousy and frustration because they're not gettin' it enough. We call them bitter old queens. They can be any age. Smooches.

    1. Sean on May 25, 2007 2:54:00 PM:

      Sorry Kevin, bitchy queen or bitter old queen are only used when referring to gay men. There would be a completely different perspective if it were straight men throwing the brick and punches.

    1. Kevin on May 25, 2007 3:01:51 PM:

      >>>or bitter old queen are only used when referring to gay men.<<<

      Are you trying to tell us something, Sean?

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