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    June 02, 2007

    Dems back federal rights for gays

    Posted by: Chris

    Demsdebate UPDATE: At the end of the post.

    Very big news today from the Human Rights Campaign, which released its "report card" that shows all seven Democratic presidential candidates back full federal rights for gay couples, including:

    • equal tax treatment
    • Social Security survivor benefits
    • immigration rights (UAFA)
    • inclusion in the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • domestic partner benefits for gay federal workers

    There's also a full commitment on trans-inclusion and complete support and agreement on every issue raised by the questionnaire except on marriage equality.  As we already knew, only Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich supports that.

    All the details are in a special report I've posted here on Gay News Watch.  HRC did not release the actual candidate questionnaires, but I have asked for copies and will post them.

    UPDATE:  I've now received all seven candidate questionnaires from HRC and the links to each are at the bottom of the article here.

    For a comprehensive look at gay issues in the presidential campaign, click here for the Gay News Watch summary.


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    1. Andoni on Jun 2, 2007 5:24:11 PM:

      Wow! A dream has come true. This is SUPER news. Now all we have to do is nominate someone who is electable.

      It is not a given that because of Bush a Democrat will be elected. Several Republicans plan to run on an anti Bush platform.......and if done properly, it could work.

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