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    June 01, 2007

    Hillary asked and answered

    Posted by: Chris

    Paul Schindler, longtime editor of Gay City News, a gay publication in New York,  tells me Hillary's acute laryngitis on whether the federal government should recognize civil unions is a recent affliction. Back in October 2000, when the former first lady was locked in a tight high-profile Senate election battle with Republican Rick Lazio, Schindler interviewed her for LGNY, the predecessor publication of GCN:

    lgny: Would you support a federal effort to recognize and confer the federal portion of benefits that these state civil union measures are not able to convey?

    Clinton: Yes.

    For a comprehensive look at gay issues in the presidential campaign, click here for the Gay News Watch summary.



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    1. Andoni on Jun 2, 2007 7:16:20 AM:

      Here is one reason why I don't currently back Hillary. For some reason she is perceived as being liberal, even though she isn't. Because of this public perception (or the Republicans having so successfully defined her as liberal), she has to tack to the RIGHT of mainstream Democratic positions to try to counter this reputation --- and that's not good for gay people.

      One way for her to do this is to stay firm on supporting DOMA because 53% of the general public still don't support gay marriage and its associated rights and benefits. I would bet that Bill Clinton whispered in her ear that standing firm on DOMA is one thing she should do to be "counter Democratic" to appear more moderate. Because most gay issues are currently viewed as "liberal" rather than libertarian, I believe Hillary will throw us overboard in a heartbeat based on how the wind is blowing, rather than stand on principle. Remember Bill's modus operandi and the lasting damage he did with DADT and DOMA?

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