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    June 30, 2007

    More fairy tales and feathery wings

    Posted by: Chris

    R3208255706 Yahoo News has pulled together a slide-show of almost 100 photos from Gay Pride events around the world, and it's even more egregious that ABC's drag-fest earlier this week. (In fact, many of the photos ABC featured are also included here.)

    R2268336316 It's almost as Yahoo wanted to see how outrageous they could go with their photos without being slapped down by GLAAD or other gay rights activists. Literally 9 out of every 10 photos is of a drag queen or someone barely clothed, and the 10th is typically of semi-graphic same-sex sex acts.

    It's about as irreponsible as I've ever seen, and I certainly hope that GLAAD will  move aggressively in response.

    Even the photo I considered the sweetest, nicest pic from the whole collection -- the pic below from Seville, Spain -- got ruined by a photo caption that identified the couple as "activists."



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    1. gleeindc on Jul 2, 2007 7:19:42 AM:

      OMG. In Spain, gay marriage is legal. One of the men in the picture from Madrid is wearing a wedding ring, so it might be he is kissing his spouse. However things are different here in the USA and suddenly, my parents, now in their eighties, have kissed and still kiss in public, often. Who knew that made them activists?

    1. Tim C on Jul 2, 2007 8:21:30 AM:

      They do have three pictures of Michael Bloomberg. And one of Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards. None of Rudy Guiliani in a dress, though.

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