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    July 07, 2007

    Finally…nightlife for Rio!

    Posted by: Chris

    Theweekriooutsideblog Update at the end of the post.

    Last night marked the arrival of The Week to Rio, as (my freind and) promoter-extraordinaire
    André Almada debuted the Carioca version of his mega-club in São Paulo that is, hands down, the hottest gay club in the world.

    For years, at least as far as the gay scene goes, Rio De Janeiro offered the "day life" — the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, juice bars, sidewalk bars like Bofetada — and São Paulo provided the "nightlife" — with New York-quality clubs and internationally known DJs.  With the exception of New Years, Carnaval and the occasional Revolution or X-Demente party, Rio gay boys and the bazillion gay tourists found the pickings surprisingly slim.

    Capa380_rj The arrival of The Week was big news in Rio, and not just for gays. The A-list magazine Veja-Rio featured a story about The Week, and the growing number of out gay couples in the city, on its cover. The headline reads: "The mega-club The Week arrives in Rio and adds to the city's list of attractions, which welcomes gay people without prejudice." A bit of hometown-hype/wishful thinking as far as Rio goes, but it's a nice goal anyway.

    If last night was any indication, the club will live up to its hype.

    The Week-Rio is a bit smaller than it's Paulista sister, but still by far the biggest regular gay venue in town and with plenty of room to grow, including an outdoor area that's rumored to be the future site of a pool, like the one in São Paulo. The interior is reminiscent of the São Paulo version without being a copy. Add in laser lighting and feather-clad go-go boys, and you've got The Week's signature look.

    Comportamento21It's curious to see Almada open The Week in Rio — with talk of additional locations in Florinapolis and elsewhere — just as the mega-clubs in the U.S. die off, one by one. To my mind, The Week is the answer to a not-so-hypothetical question I've heard on dance floors back home in the States. What would have happened to the party, if it hadn't been killed off by crystal meth?

    The answer? Come to Rio (or São Paulo), where Tina has never been welcome to the party, and find out for yourself.


    Update: The Week's second night in Rio was even better than the first: bigger crowd, higher energy level, cool video screens on the back wall of the dance floor, and powerful sets by São Paulo DJ Flavio Lima, who I can tell will be a new favorite for me, and visiting American DJ Eric Cullenberg.

    This Friday will bring Boy George to the turntables at The Week, just in time for the arrival of the Pan Am Games here in Rio.  Let's hope he's on his best behavior, given his recent run-ins with the law and the press. On second thought, a bit of mischief could be fun as well. His Karma Chameleon-ness will be spinning alongside The Week's São Paulo resident DJ, my friend João Neto.

    Check out this video for a view from the stage of The Week-Rio and DJ Flavio Lima:


    Click here for a complete news summary of gay news about Brazil, compiled by Gay News Watch.

    Follow the jump for more photos:





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    1. Kevin on Jul 9, 2007 1:44:58 PM:

      I heard only wonderful things about the debut party, especially that it was not megalotado, which was a nice change of pace from TWSP :) I'm so happy you guys got to go and enjoy it! Hope to follow suit myself before you've decamped....

    1. Ezekiel on Aug 10, 2007 3:48:17 AM:


      Would you be interested in participating in a group blogging effort aimed at providing information for people thinking about emigrating from the US?

      If so, write me at ezekielinexeile@gmail.com.

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