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    August 10, 2007

    Grade the Dems: Give Gravel a C

    Posted by: Chris

    Mikegravel_2 (Don't forget to vote in the Vizu poll in the right column below on which candidate you think did the best last night.)

    At least he'll tell it like it is, or at least how he sees it, without worrying about stepping on toes or staying politically correct. Mike Gravel is as full-steam-ahead on gay rights (including marriage) as Dennis Kucinich, and unlike the Ohio congressman, Gravel won't hesitate to tell you why the others aren't on board.

    But Gravel shares with Kucinich a general disassociation with reality, and his support for gay marriage comes along with a whole host of zany policy positions that are complete non-starters for most Americans.

    Gravel argued that gays only hurt themselves by supporting Hillary-Obama-Edwards when they stiff us on marriage, but I would argue we hurt ourselves more by associating our cause with a man who admits he's a "kooky maverick."

    On gay marriage, Gravel said with a straight face that he believes the U.S. public would support full marriage equality if a referendum were held today. What can you say about someone so out of touch?  Perhaps he's been dipping into the marijuana that he would legalize for sale in liquor stores, or the harder drugs he would allow doctors to prescribe.

    Solmonese, again, asked what I thought was the best question, pressing Gravel to talk about his record on gay rights, and whether it lived up to the rhetoric he voices so forcefully today. Gravel's answer was illuminating; he had to go back 45 years, to his first year in the Alaska state senate, when he said he pushed through legislation for a human rights commission that dealt with gay rights issues along with race. Assuming his account is accurate, I think it would be fair to ask what he's done for us lately.

    Gravel is at ease with gay issues and his enthusiasm appears genuine. But if he really cared about gay rights and gay marriage, he would have more of a record to show for it.

    His full 15 minutes:



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    1. Amicus on Aug 10, 2007 8:34:59 PM:

      I think it would be fair to ask what he's done for us lately
      How about run for President, get yourself pushed onto a platform, so that you can tell your own generation that they are "wrong", with the added importance that they are the ones who are overwhelmingly holding back equality at the voting box, on issues such as marriage equality.

      I was particularly glad that he told everyone plainly to stop looking for a handout from on high. That bumps him up a full grade.

      I thought he was perfect in the role of telling people not to be afraid. This is great wisdom in this context and it is only through faith, when you are young, or through experience, when you are old, that the full value of it is plain.

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