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    August 10, 2007

    MIA for the HRC/Logo forum

    Posted by: Chris

    I was living a bit of anti-gay discrimination during the Democratic presidential candidates' forum on gay rights issues tonight.  The event coincided with an incredibly long travel day for me, begun at 6 a.m. in São Paulo, Brazil, and finished as I arrived at the Washington, D.C., apartment of a friend at almost 3 a.m.

    The reason for the trip home? My 3-month visa was up for staying in Brazil, so I had to return to the States before heading back down.

    I've read some accounts of the forum and watched some of it online.  It looks like Richardson again fumbled big-time, this time on whether being gay is a "choice." It's sad to see a candidate who really does have the strongest gay rights record in the race implode in non-policy gaffes like his "maricón" moment and now this.

    For entirely selfish reasons, I had hoped to see the candidates pressed on immigration rights for gay binational couples, but I haven't seen sign of that so far in the coverage.  After I've had a chance to sleep, I'll be able to offer more coherent analysis.

    Boa noite!



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    1. Alex on Aug 10, 2007 9:12:37 AM:

      "For entirely selfish reasons, I had hoped to see the candidates pressed on immigration rights for gay binational couples, but I haven't seen sign of that so far in the coverage."

      Apparently, Richardson was asked about this and gave a reasonable answer (he talked about someone he had knew from New Mexico with a Mexican partner who wasn't able to immigrate and how awful it was), but this was right before the "choice" question and it kind of got lost in the noise from that.

    1. DaveNPa on Aug 10, 2007 11:38:27 AM:

      I only saw Edwards and Kucinich. It's totally over for Edwards and the gays. He's so fake. He probably should become republican as he's better suited to cater towards a religious base.

      Kucinich was a breath of fresh air after Edwards. But then again, Edwards imploded so badly maybe anyone after him would have looked/sounded good.

      Regardless, I think most politicians think, "Ahhh, the gays, 10% of the vote, big deal" and that's why the Republicans declined a similar forum.

    1. Andoni on Aug 10, 2007 11:48:33 AM:

      Edwards, to his credit and without being prompted, mentioned immigration as an area in which gays are discriminated against. Richardson got the sole immigration question, which was unfortunate because we already knew of his strong support of equal immigration for gays. Too bad the panel did not ask this to Obama or Clinton where we could have had some real insight into their thinking. That was definitely a flub by HRC. In fact it could legitimately be called naïve and inexperienced.

      I was a little angry that the real journalist on the panel Jonathon Capehart got such little question time. And I was really angry that Joe Solmonese got the first THREE questions at Hillary. On the surface, the three questions seemed tough, but they really gave Hillary the opportunity to eat up the clock making excuses for the past. Hillary’s view of the future for us seemed very limited and guarded and she seemed to want to be deliberate in her speed to reach these very limited goals.

      I was captivated by Obama’s explanation that his very entry and existence in politics was to see equality and justice realized by all the minorities. And I was impressed that he spearheaded ENDA in the IL Legislature….and got it passed.

      I have been giving money to Edwards, Obama, and Richardson. My next contributions will be to Obama and Kucinich alone.

      Lastly, I watched the forum in a group and there was someone in the room who doesn’t really understand English. This guy concluded that from body language alone Obama seemed sincere and Hillary did not.

    1. DCJRB on Aug 10, 2007 2:14:03 PM:

      The more I see of Edwards the less impressed I am. He seemed shallow and fake and ill at ease. I think we have the wrong Edwards running. His wife is 10 times the better candidate than he is.

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