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    October 02, 2007

    360-degree reversal for HRC

    Posted by: Chris

    The Human Rights Campaign board last night voted to complete a 360-reversal back to its 2004 position to support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act only if it includes "gender identity" protections. The latest board vote is actually only the latest twirl for HRC on the issue.

    Hrc_11_logo For a decade before 2004, HRC supported ENDA as a gay-only bill with the best odds of passage. Then, three years ago, the board reversed itself and abandoned the strategy likely to get ENDA passed the fastest. Last week, when Barney Frank split the gay and transgender ENDAs because the votes weren't there to pass a trans-inclusive ENDA, HRC stayed quiet and ultimately issued a statement that tried to have it both ways -- insisting HRC hadn't "assented" to the strategy but accepting it as the way to get ENDA passed.

    Now the board has twirled about again, this time saying that HRC will only support a trans-inclusive ENDA, but won't tell members of Congress to vote against ENDA if only gays would be protected by it.

    Got that? Yeah I don't get it either.

    But I will adopt the version of the HRC logo seized upon by trans activists last week upset that HRC was caving on a trans-inclusive ENDA. For me, the new logo represents the number "11," which is probably a good guess for the number of years it will take before a trans-inclusive ENDA can be enacted.

    As for every person discriminated against in the workplace in the meantime because of their sexual orientation -- well that's on the head of HRC, the Task Force and their glbT allies.



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    1. Double T on Oct 2, 2007 7:03:38 PM:

      Chris, you can't see how this is going to play out?

      The Bill will pass, without TransGender.

      "Supporters" of TransGender don't want to throw them under the bus, but if the bus hits them, "Not our fault".

    1. Amicus on Oct 2, 2007 8:35:42 PM:

      ...and ultimately issued a statement that tried to have it both ways -- insisting HRC hadn't "assented" to the strategy but accepting it as the way to get ENDA passed.

      That's exactly the position that is required, as filled with paradox as it sounds.

      We deserve up/down votes on our issues, right (I heard that somewhere ... from someone of influence)?

      If they don't offer one, then "we're" still happy to take what progress they can muster. Let *them* do what is 'politically possible', if they believe in the issues they will.

      But there is no reason to let them divide a community against itself while they 'work out' *their* issues ...

      So, HRC to Dems: "Good work - whatever it is that you are doing, and we'll keep the light on for you ... !"

    1. Kelly on Oct 2, 2007 10:03:27 PM:

      Seriously, you don't really think that a sexual orientation only ENDA is going to become law do you? Why this rush to get a bill passed by a very slim congressional margin only to see it vetoed?

      Can't you see that this all plays into the hands of those on the far right? They are laughing at Pelosi, at Frank, at HRC, at me and mostly at people like you. WHy? Because you are under the illusion that these moonbats who hate transgender people like me actually don't have a problem with people like you.

      They hate us all and in just a few days time, they have managed to divide and conquer. It was brilliant really and you are playing right into their hands. United we stand, divided we fall.

    1. totalD on Oct 3, 2007 6:49:16 AM:

      I agree with Kelly. The far right is sitting back and laughing watching people like "gay only" Chris Crain whip TG's for a "gay only" bill that George "Stalin" Bush would never pass anyway. This bill included gender protection from the beginning and the joke that they would pass it "if only it didn't have gender protection" is a total fantasy for those with trans prejudice . Meanwhile the only thing not lost is an opportunities for those who hate TGs to be able to blame TG's with terms like "trans-jacking".

      I mean honestly, it just boggles the mind to watch the verbal abuse some of the "oppressed" have laid on a the most helpless member of GLBT. Calling them "selfish" for wanting to be included.

    1. Jack Jett on Oct 3, 2007 1:56:24 PM:

      When will the GLBTQ community wake up and throw Solomese under the bus? This man is a media whore who goes from prissy dinner party to prissy dinner party and does NOTHING for us. Not a motherfucking thing. Yet gay men and women just can't seem to throw enough money at this man.

      If he doesn't want to represent the Transgender community, the take the fucking T out of you
      money plea letters.

      Joe Solomese..........I challenge you to an interview. I challenge you to open your books and reveal you salary AND expenses.

      Somehow even Queerty has drunk the Solomese Kool Aid and is acting as his mouthpiece.

      We need a Larry Kramer. We need someone with balls and Solomese has cut his off and sold them to the most recent Vodka contributor.

      Jack Jett

    1. Matt on Oct 3, 2007 2:33:36 PM:

      TotalD, it's kind of hard to take anything you say seriously when you compare the president to a man who murdered 30 million of his own people. Say what you want about how misguided and wrong Bush is, but it's that kind of rhetorical crap that makes most Americans tune you guys out as so much white noise.

      As for NGLTF/HRC's political tin ear, I'm with Chris on this one. Regardless of what Bush does, Congress has it within its power to pass this law. Delay in Washington is tantamount to defeat.

    1. Darlie on Oct 3, 2007 8:36:52 PM:

      Lol! Matt, Bush only invaded a sovereign country who hadn't done anything to us , murdered 700,000 innocents, set off a civil war , unleashed BlackWater mercenaries into a populous with no rules and paid them six times what the PTS grunts got for losing their limbs, removed habeas corpus, wire tapped Americans , betrayed our CIA operatives and endorsed torture, hardly Stalin but there is still time .

      Oh, is delay tantamount to defeat ? So why is this bill even still out there ? According to you it should be way long gone.

    1. Tim on Oct 4, 2007 3:11:31 PM:

      murdered 700K people do you even know how long that would take Darlie? did you just pick that number up out of the air? That's 175,000 people per year or 14,583 people a month. Would someone notice? Wouldn't the troops have said have said something? Get real and grow up. as for the wiretapping, if you didn't notice a democratic Congress passed those laws and you want to know why? Because when those last three soldiers got kidnapped in Iraq, we heard their phone calls and could have moved to help them. But instead they weren't allowed to us the information because it went through US servers. That's what your defending.

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