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    October 30, 2007

    Ignorant quote of the day

    Posted by: Chris


    "I educated the whole people in my country but I could not educate my adopted daughter. I felt very regretted with her and that the lesbian case happened in family. I and my wife will send a complaint to court to deprive her of any will and property of my family. 

    "I and my wife adopted her while she was 18 days in 1988 and she used my family name from that time. She brought her girls to my house and slept together with them. We are concerned that one day her girls take bombs and poisonous materials to our house and we all will die. Who knows in advance? I have five children and one adopted daughter."
    Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, on why he has initiated legal proceedings to abandon his adopted lesbian daughter

    Vol1_avengerAhh yes. The ever-present threat of lesbian terrorists sneaking bombs and poisonous materials into the houses of leading politicians. Who ever imagined that threat would reach so close to the seat of power in Cambodia?

    Good thing Hun Sen acted quickly. Otherwise the Lesbian Avengers might have operated a terrorist cell from within the happy kingdom.

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    1. Double T on Oct 30, 2007 11:49:56 AM:

      You ever notice how people are concerned that Gays,Blacks or Jews are going to poison, bomb or shot someone. Then years later you find out that the "concerned" were planning on poisoning, bombing or shot some Gay/Black/Jew.

      Funny how that is.

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