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    October 10, 2007

    One nonscientific survey…

    Posted by: Chris

    Readers of this blog and Gay News Watch are pretty much split three ways on the question of whether to follow Barney Frank's strategy of splitting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act into two versions, one covering sexual orientation and the other gender identity. 

    Vizubarney_enda Exactly tied for first are the primary positions in the debate: favoring trans rights but agreeing with Barney to split ENDA if necessary for passage (36.4%) and insisting on a bill that covers both gays and trans folks (36.4%).  Another third practically (27.3%) believes that sexual orientation and gender identity are different enough that they belong in separate legislation anyway.

    Without interviewing that last third of the survey participants, we can't know exactly what they were thinking.  But I would bet their thoughts were along the lines of my post yesterday, believing that sexual orientation and gender identity are not nearly so bound up together as the "LGBT" groupthink would have us believe.

    As an aside, I am bothered as a journalist and as a gay man by the rampant misuse of "LGBT" or "GLBT" (or "TBLG" as some trans activists are fond of using).  The acronym suffices to explain organizations and the like whose mission includes all for groups.  But it gets used in all manner of lazy, inappropriate fashion, especially "LGBT marriage" (no such thing) or "LGBT person" (ditto).   OK, off the soapbox.

    Back to the survey -- online polls are unscientific, of course, and readers of this blog may skew conservative, but these results still provide an interesting snapshot of the disunity wrought by the "trans or bust" strategy for ENDA foisted upon us by the national lgbT groups.

    For a complete news summary on ENDA, click or bookmark: gaynewswatch.com/enda

    For a complete news summary on transgender rights, click or bookmark: gaynewswatch.com/transgender



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    1. J on Oct 10, 2007 11:07:55 PM:

      FWIW, the Washington Blade poll (which I suspect has more votes) has a considerably different result at present:


      Should gay rights groups support ENDA if transgender protections are removed?

      a. Yes, we need to win rights incrementally. 19%

      b. No, we should stick together. 78%

      c. Who cares? Bush is going to veto it anyway. 2%



      Incidentally, a lawyer specializing in trans and LGBT discrimination cases has posted a *considerably* different take on the merits of a sexual-orientation law than yours (she has multiple posts, some of which are quite rich in judicial details). You might want to take a look:


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