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    December 05, 2007

    Christian sensitivity

    Posted by: Chris

    Some readers took me to task for allegedly being too sensitive about New York City's effort to recruit gay tourists, which welcomed "everyone, whether you are a family or you're just here with your lover."

    I'll put my thin skin up against the hyper-sensitive Roman Catholic faith any day. For a religion that has been oppressing all who dared to dissent for centuries, and still represents very mainstream culture in many parts of the world, it's remarkable how ssssssensssssitive (so many s's!) the Vatican and its priesthood can be.

    Take, for example, this Red Bull ad, which an Italian priest convinced the energy drink manufacturer to pull.

    You don't have to speak Italian to know harmless fun when you see it.  It's certainly no "blasphemous" and "sacreligious" act that offends "Christian sensitivity."

    Here's hoping the ad shows up in environs not so close to Rome.



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    1. Tim C on Dec 6, 2007 8:42:47 AM:

      Chris, I promise to never compare you to the Catholic Church. Swear to God.

    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 26, 2011 2:15:06 AM:

      you to the Catholic Church. Swear to God

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