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    December 11, 2007

    GNW 5: Gay boys and bi fruit flies

    Posted by: Chris

    Gnw_lighthouse_logosmall Here are the Top Five most popular stories over the last 24 hours on Gay News Watch, along with an Editor's Pick from me at the end:

    1. Gay men fail to break from boy-play: U.K. scientistGay men fail to break from boy-play: QUICK LOOK: Some men are gay because they fail to make a crucial break with the 'boys together' stage of childhood, according to a new book. U.K. anthropologist Desmond Morris argues... (MORE)
    2. Anti-gay carolers bemuse Target shoppers in Calif.Anti-gay carolers bemuse Target shoppers in Calif.: QUICK LOOK: Christmas carolers wearing shirts advertising anti-gay principles drew bespectacled looks from store patrons as they sang outside of a Sacramento Target store, officials... (MORE)
    3. Giuliani says gay 'acts' sinful but homosexuality isn'tGiuliani says gay acts 'sinful' but homosexuality isn't: QUICK LOOK: GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani disagrees with his conservative rival Mike Huckabee over whether homosexuality is a "sinful lifestyle" but nonetheless said homosexual acts... (MORE)
    4. Pa. man bludgeoned friend to death in gay panic, lawyer says: QUICK LOOK: A Fayette County man fell into an uncontrollable rage and bludgeoned his drinking buddy to death because the victim purportedly made homosexual advances, then threatened to kill him and rape the man's... (MORE)
    5. Changing a gene in fruit flies also turns them bisexualChanging a gene in fruit flies also turns them bisexual: QUICK LOOK: A new study is providing insights into the genetics of homosexuality -- at least in fruit flies. Researchers have discovered a gene involved in homosexual behavior in... (MORE)


    • Big issue for '08: gay, illegal and carless: QUICK LOOK: Every election year has them: the provocative social issues that can destroy a candidacy. In 2004 it was gay marriage that upended Kerry-Edwards in close swing states...(MORE)

    Comedian Mo Rocca riffed for AOL Newsbloggers about what he sees as the issue of the 2008 election: gay illegal immigrants who need licenses to drive themselves to their own gay weddings.

    Adam Francouer, policy coordinator for the gay rights group Immigration Equality, found Rocca's sketch insensitive to the plight of gay binational couples. Rocca, who made his name as a correspondent on "The Daily Show" and as a regular pundit for VH1's "I Love…" series, is no conservative. So it's more than likely that he was poking fun at those who oppose gay marriage and resent immigrants.

    Even so, if Rocca is going to make hay about issues that are so serious for so many, he could at least be shaper about it, and funny. His man-on-the-street skit fails miserably on both counts.

    Judge for yourself:



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    1. anon on Dec 11, 2007 12:48:24 PM:

      I wanted to be sure your readers saw this great editorial from the NY Times on the stripping of the hate crimes bill from DoD Authorization. Gosh, you know it's a sad state when the NYT is more of an articulate advocate than HRC for the hate crimes bill.


    1. Sean on Dec 11, 2007 2:32:10 PM:

      Whatever happened to the "gay" in gay? A very funny premise (although the on the street interview part was not that good) that pokes fun at the craziness of what politicians use as cleavages in our country to gain votes! To me it seems that gay organizations representing our community need to get a sense of humor. The lampoon is on the opposer and not the victim here.

    1. Anonymous on Dec 11, 2007 5:00:47 PM:

      Why did he only interview gay guys? Where did he do this -- WeHo Cenral Park?

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