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    December 21, 2007

    GNW Pick: Only in San Francisco…

    Posted by: Chris

    Once in a while you come across a story from the Bay Area that has a certain twist that makes you say, "Only in San Francisco…" In just the last two days, I came across two. Both are serious, mind you, crime stories actually. But they take that left turn at Albuquerque and never look back…

    • "Gay son's death in trans woman's attack angers mom": QUICK LOOK: The mother of a gay man who died after a fight in the Castro last year is blasting a decision by the San Francisco District Attorney's office this week not to refile manslaughter ... (MORE)

    03_07_adams_511 The first comes from the Bay Area Reporter, San Fran's venerable gay newspaper, about the district attorney's decision not to seek a retrial of Kyle Adams in the death of Chad Ferreira, a gay man, in a street fight in the Castro. Adams was found guilty of felony assault but the jury deadlocked on more serious counts.

    According to the prosecution, Ferreira confronted Adams for punching Ferreira's friend. After the two came to blows, Ferreira was knocked to the ground and hit his head on the curb. Adams subsequently kicked Ferreira in the head, but the jury couldn't agree on whether it was the fall or the kick that actually killed Ferreira. All terribly sad and tragic.

    The "San Francisco twist"? It's not even the fact that Adams proclaimed after the trial that he is actually a she, as in a transgender male. It's that the victim's mother and the jury foreman agree that the gender switch was actually a ploy for sympathy in winning a lighter sentence.

    "It's awfully convenient," the foreman said. Adams was indignant in response:

    Adams told the B.A.R. that she had identified as a transgender woman before her fight with Ferreira. But she said on the night of the incident with Ferreira, she was dressing as an effeminate flamboyant man and not as a woman. Adams says she considers herself to be a pre-operative transgender woman and is taking hormones. She learned she will be able to continue to receive hormones in state prison. Unless her sentence is overturned on parole, Adams will have to serve three years in state prison before being eligible for parole.

    Sounds like a heavier sentence came with its own set of benefits.

    • "S.F. man arrested for stalking over post-sex trans secret": QUICK LOOK: A 25-year-old California man allegedly shocked to learn that he was engaged in a sexual act with a transgender woman was sentenced yesterday to four months jail for engaging in a month-long terror... (MORE)

    The second story involves a young man angry after learning he had engaged in a sex act with a male-to-female transgender woman. Police say Robert Delavictoria "posted threatening anti-gay screeds on the front door of the couple's San Bruno home and plastered much of their apartment complex with homophobic graffiti." Some of that graffiti alleged the transgender woman was HIV-positive, which the prosecution said was untrue.

    Delavictoria was initially charged with six felonies, including two hate crime counts, but eventually pled no contest to one felony count of stalking with a hate crime allegation.

    The San Francisco twist? The victim actually appeared in court to ask for lenience in sentencing, arguing Delavictoria was in need of counseling and sensitivity training more than punishment. There are several levels of irony here, including that the whole point of hate crime allegations is to increase punishment, not decrease it.

    So rather than eight months in jail, Delavictoria got half that, along with mandatory counseling from Community United Against Violence, "a multicultural organization working to end violence against and within our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQQ) communities." So much for arguing that hate crime laws aren't intended as a form of thought control, if those convicted are forced to undergo re-education, however well-intentional, from our own advocacy groups.

    The final irony, at least for me, is trying to imagine what Delavictoria will be taught in his sessions. There's no question, of course, that his vandalism, mischief and stalking were completely unjustified under the circumstances, but this isn't a course in anger management.

    Will he be taught that it's perfectly OK socially for a transgender woman to not reveal her "status" -- even with her own sex partners? I can think of perfectly reasonably arguments both ways on that one, and I would imagine that 99.9% of us would want our sex partners to volunteer that type of information.

    Not doing so certainly doesn't justify vandalism, stalking or violence, but it's also not particularly good manners, and in fact quite inconsiderate and (dare I say it?) deceitful. Will Delavictoria's re-education stay neutral on that point or insist otherwise?



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    1. david on Dec 22, 2007 9:07:08 AM:

      Chris -- thanks for these articles about yet more transcrazies and the Stalinist bubble world they live in. Too bad that bubble now includes so many social services who are ideolgically PC-whipped and believe the Myth of Trans as Ultimate Victims. Perhaps in 2008 we will see gay and lesbian (and other) people wake up to the sham politics and nasty tactics of these disturbed people with their childish narcissism and misanthropic self-obsessions.

    1. Butch on Dec 22, 2007 11:30:13 AM:

      Just goes to illustrate that lumping all of us together in one easy casserole (LGBT) is questionable. Frankly, I ain't L or B or T or WT...White Trash, like the folks in this story. I'm just a plain old upwardly mobile faggot, who used to be WT.

    1. Butch on Dec 22, 2007 11:30:15 AM:

      Just goes to illustrate that lumping all of us together in one easy casserole (LGBT) is questionable. Frankly, I ain't L or B or T or WT...White Trash, like the folks in this story. I'm just a plain old upwardly mobile faggot, who used to be WT.

    1. Geena The Transgirl on Dec 22, 2007 1:45:48 PM:

      Nice try. The criminal justice system has endless stories of the guilty who will use any tactic to get free, and victims who sympathize with or forgive their attackers.

      Here's a good one, Houston gay activist Ray Hill trying to get two gay bashing murders out because they have "changed".

      Futher proof that San Francisco is the most overrated city in the world for GLBT life. Full of dangerous, drug addicted straights, gays, and transsexuals, a weak municipal goverment lacking focus on quality of life issues.
      In San Francisco there is a playground park with an actual sign warning it is unlawful to loiter and watch children.

    1. The Gay Species on Dec 22, 2007 8:48:20 PM:

      You underestimate San Francisco's Politburo, where a city on a peninsula issues marriage license, identification cards, requires sex clubs to be open to everyone, but cannot make its public transportation run. The latter is a municipal function, and S.F.'s politburo thinks it legislates international and foreign policy, through Nancy and her Twisted Sisters' "Ted Haggard" wanna be Mayor.

      Once upon a time, San Francisco was Oz, and Dorothies from around the world discovered the wizards, the magic, and Toto. Today, the acid-flashback politicians from the East Coast (Hebraists who follow their new scripture) rule from their queenly thrones, in which Nancy is Queen forever, until Pork Flies, and Men give up Bacon.

      Some call it dependency. Some call it co-dependency. Some call it "greasy" Sex Pigs looking for tricks. Well, Nancy's mayor, who is off the booze, has decided the best "industry" is that which does not "pollute." So he's culled all the pornographers from L.A. to N.Y.C. to set up shop, and provide his jollies while he dries out, Nancy pays the bills, and Dorothies look-on bewildered.

      It may not be Kansas, but it sure ain't Oz with the Wicked Witch on the stick.

    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 26, 2011 3:18:16 AM:

      It may not be Kansas, but it sure ain't Oz with the Wicked Witch on the stick.

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