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    December 11, 2007

    Window Media in the headlines

    Posted by: Chris

    It was a big day in the news for Window Media, the gay publishing company that William Waybourn and I founded in 1997.  William and I both left Window Media last year and are not active in management, though we remain part-owners.  So viewing things from the outside, I'd say the odd thing is that all of today's stories are unrelated:

    1. Andy Towle of Towleroad, who is a former Genre editor, picked up on a report by Queerty that Genre Magazine faked its cover story and then offered some extra background:

    Genre_2_2 One of the men featured as part of a monogamous couple on the current Genre cover is actually heterosexual Playgirl model Julian Fantechi. Inside the magazine, they're presented as a real life couple, an example of monogamy. According to the reader that tipped off Queerty, "Inside the magazine, they are stripped down, appear to be into each other, and are allegedly, discussing their physical relationship, emotional, sexual and spiritual relationship." 

    Editor Neal Boulton told Queerty: "The idea was to use these hot boys to sell a bigger idea that I feel is very possible—longevity in relationships."

    [Before the flap came to light, Boulton had earlier said:] "On the cover this month, Genre bravely put forth a reality couple, and not the typical models who hold perfection over our heads. Our message is simple. Reach for forever. Genre can help you get there."

    2.  Queerty reported that, for unrelated reasons, "Genre’s sales team walked out."

    3.  The Washington Blade has hired a new publisher who's no new face to the newspaper:

    Lynne Brown, the Blade’s former director of business development, starts Wednesday as publisher. Brown said she was excited to rejoin the Blade.

    “I am thrilled to be returning to the Washington Blade newspaper, which is a true passion of mine,” she said. “It touches people’s lives.” …

    Brown, who first joined the Blade in 1988 working as a sales executive, left the publication in July 2006 to become director of business development at Metro Weekly, a gay publication in Washington, D.C.

    Missing from the posts on the Genre cover flap are the real details about how the couple on the cover is portrayed in the story itself. It's not usual for publications to use hot models to illustrate a story, sometimes from "clip art" stockpile photos that have no connection to the actual story.

    But portraying the models as an actual couple would be something else entirely -- and a surprising choice if for no other reason than that Julian Fantechi, the former Playgirl Man of the Year, is hardly a low-profile hetero. Here's hoping Genre Editor Neil Boulton, who's so far produced more headlines (here, here and here) than issues, will set the record, er, straight.

    The Washington Blade news, on the other hand, is all good. Lynne Brown is a big reason why the Blade has been so successful over the years and her return can only mean positive things for the "gay paper of record."

    I still remember the very first meeting William and I had with the Blade staff, back in May 2001, to announce Window Media was purchasing the paper. Lynne was the first to raise her hand to ask a question, wanting to know whether we understood that the strict separation between sales and editorial was a key to the paper's credibility and success. No question was more welcome for me, especially coming from someone in the sales department. The Blade should be well-served by that kind of leadership and her unquestioned commitment to the community.



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    1. Sean on Dec 11, 2007 7:16:08 PM:

      Is it any surprise that a gay magazine has a straight person on the cover?

      Is it? NO!!!!!! Gay people can't even put a gay person on a gay magazine. The editors of these magazines are oppressing gay people. The message to gay people these magazines are sending is that gay people are not good enough. It's a continuation of thousands of years of oppression in which gay people are molded by straight people. Every gay magazine has a straight cover model who inside the pages proceeds to tells us (gay people) what we are. We need to figure out who we are.

    1. ShaggedBiNeal on Dec 11, 2007 8:21:34 PM:

      Neal Boulton put a straight man on the cover because HE'S straight. What a self-promoting phony!

    1. Michael C. on Dec 12, 2007 10:25:16 AM:

      This doesn't surprise me. 3 years ago I bought a paid account to gay.com and it came with a 3 month subscription to Genre. I still receive Genre to this day, for free, with an insert in the package asking me to renew my subscription which is "going to expire the next issue!" I'd love it to expire because it's the most shallow, silly thing I've ever read or seen. My boyfriend and I (much uglier than the cover boys, but together for 4.5 years) usually skim through it in 5 minutes and look at the underwear ads (yes, the hotties are nice). Honestly, I don't know how the "magazine" stays afloat. I'd cancel, but I'm too curious to find out how long my "final issue" is going to last.

    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 26, 2011 2:53:28 AM:

      but I'm too curious to find out how long my "final issue" is going to last.

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