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    January 08, 2008

    Bill Clinton's 'big fairy tale'

    Posted by: Chris

    Billnh As Hillary implodes, Bill gets more and more ornery.

    In response to a question today about Barack Obama's judgment, the former president unloaded, claiming it was "a big fairy tale" for Obama to claim he consistently opposed the Iraq war. Hoarse and red-faced, Clinton finger-points his way through examples of Obama saying back in 2004  that he wasn't sure how he would have voted on the very same Iraq war resolution that he gives Hillary so much flak for supporting.

    Bill Clinton wasn't just angry at Obama for claiming "superior judgment," but at the media (and implicitly Hillary) for allowing 15 debates to come and go without anyone questioning it. It turns out, however, that the New York Times reported the same accusations, attributed to Bill Clinton, last March.

    The Times' conclusion?

    [A] review of Mr. Obama's statements on Iraq since 2002 shows that he has opposed the war against Saddam Hussein consistently, calling it ''dumb'' and ''rash.'' Yet when it came later to hypothetical questioning about how he would have voted on the 2002 Iraq war resolution, Mr. Obama has been more circumspect.

    The examples cited by the Times of Obama being "circumspect" turn out to be the same ones cited by Clinton and explained by Obama last November during an an hour-long "Meet the Press" interview.

    I just reviewed the video of that interview, and the quotations cited by Clinton (and Tim Russert and the Times) all came from the same day -- July 27, 2004 -- the same day John Kerry and John Edwards were nominated to the Democratic Party's presidential ticket. As Obama explained later to Russert, "It probably was the wrong time for me to be making a strong case against our party's nominees decisions on the war in Iraq."

    Perhaps we'd love a politician with such candor that he would trash his party's presidential and vice presidential candidates on their war votes the same day they were nominated, and one day after that politician was given a national spotlight by the party. But such a person does not exist. Certainly not in the form of Bill or Hillary Clinton.

    Does either Clinton really believe Obama should have used those DNC-week interviews to make a strong case against war? And who is Bill Clinton to be talking about waffling on Iraq anyway, considering his own transparently false claim that he himself was consistently against the war.



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    1. Double T on Jan 8, 2008 5:04:19 PM:

      "Hillary implodes"??? wishful thinking.
      She is far from imploding. I see that she getting ready to
      sh-tcan her staff and start anew. It looks like Carville is coming in.

      As far as being against the war and voting for it. Well that happens all the time. Look at all of the people who are for Gay Rights and vote against them. I think the former Soviet Union may have done something to the drinking water in D.C.

    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 26, 2011 4:41:10 AM:

      oviet Union may have done something to the drinking water in D.C

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