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    January 23, 2008

    From the mouth of a gay Republican

    Posted by: Chris

    From this report by Southern Voice on outreach by the presidential campaigns to gay voters in Georgia comes this gem from Georgia Log Cabin Republican President Jamie Ensley:

    Ensley has met Romney and Giuliani at their campaign stops in Atlanta and described very different reactions from the candidates.

    When he introduced himself to Romney as the president of Georgia’s LCR, Ensley said Romney “looked like a deer caught in headlights, and then mumbled something awkwardly and smiled. I told our national office after meeting him that if Gov. Romney is the answer, then it was a stupid question.”

    Jamie is a friend and the first banker to give some cred to a fledgling Window Media some 11 years ago. I can just hear that Georgia drawl when I read that quote, and I'm happy to hear he's around and as quippy as ever.



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    1. Kary on Jan 24, 2008 2:44:52 PM:

      Gay republican.....after you get over the oxyMORONishness of it, you just wanna....oh, I don't know....puke.

    1. Craig Ranapia on Jan 24, 2008 7:19:33 PM:

      Gee, Kary, guess I'm not going to be allow to sit with the cool kids in the lunchroom. Like, how am I going to get the captain of the football team to go steady now? How 'gay'.

      To quote Lisa Kudrow's great line from The Opposite of Sex: "Welcome to the planet Mature-ia, we have much to teach you."

    1. Strict Scrutiny on Jan 24, 2008 7:57:15 PM:

      This story would be funny…if it weren’t so sad.

      Personally, I’ve never understood the whole Log Cabin Republican thing. I get it that there are gay folks out there who believe in limited government, low taxes, strong defense, etc. But why do they throw their support behind a party which has done nothing but insult and excoriate the gay community? A party which has been so callous and so cruel to decent people.

      This sounds like a case of “Battered Wife” syndrome. The Log Cabin people work and sweat and then work some more to support the Republican party. And what do they get in return? Praise? Goodwill? A polite nod? No, they get slapped down and kicked in the teeth, over and over, time after time. Yet they remain in their abuser’s household.

      It is laudable that the LCR people have lobbied and worked so hard to liberalize Republican attitudes on gay rights issues. But their pleas for tolerance and understanding fall on deaf ears. The GOP has not given one inch on gay issues. Why does the LCR think things will change? How much longer until LCR “divorces” its abusive husband?

    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 30, 2011 2:27:55 AM:

      How much longer until LCR “divorces” its abusive husband?

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