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    January 26, 2008

    GNW 5: Heath Ledger anti-gay fallout

    Posted by: Chris

    1. Hillary Clinton addresses gay teen suicide in new videoHillary Clinton addresses gay suicide in new video: QUICK LOOK: Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has posted a videotaped question-and-answer session with the New York senator on YouTube that includes her response to an inquiry... (MORE)
    2. Mel Gibson was miffed by Ledger's 'Brokeback' roleMel Gibson was miffed by Ledger's gay 'Brokeback' role: QUICK LOOK: Mel Gibson has called Heath Ledger's death this week a "tragic loss." But in recent years, Gibson had distanced himself from the risk-taking actor, it's been claimed... (MORE)
    3. Fox radio host sorry for gay jokes about Heath LedgerFox radio host sorry for gay jokes about Heath Ledger: QUICK LOOK: A U.S. radio host has apologized after mocking actor Heath Ledger’s death on air. Presenter John Gibson played the iconic quote from Ledger’s hit gay romance ... (MORE)
    4. Lesbian killers smile as victim's torture is describedLesbian killers smile as victim's torture is described: QUICK LOOK: Two lesbians who kissed over the body of a girl they killed to prove their love, smiled today as a Perth court heard it took the teenage victim half an hour to die. The... (MORE)
    5. Mom prosecuted for neglect after partner's fatal toddler beating: QUICK LOOK: A Manhattan jury began hearing a harrowing child-murder case yesterday - this one accusing a Harlem "momster" of abandoning her 23-month-old son to an agonizing, slow death after he was beaten by... (MORE)

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    1. Geena The Transgirl on Jan 26, 2008 6:20:17 PM:

      Holy cow! I just got done reading the previous post about the Arizona drunk driver.
      Then I read the fourth story about the lesbians who killed someone. How bad can it get? Talk about no remorse.

    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 30, 2011 2:41:49 AM:

      who killed someone. How bad can it get? Talk about no remorse.

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