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    January 02, 2008

    Just whose dog…

    Posted by: Chris

    …does the Human Rights Campaign have in the Iowa fight?

    To: All Media
    From: Brad Luna, Human Rights Campaign
    Re: HRC Behind the Scenes at the Iowa Caucus

    On January 3rd, we will all, no doubt, be watching the cable TV outlets with great interest to find out the winners and losers of the Iowa Caucus. I'm excited to announce that in addition to the national news coverage, the HRC Communications and Field Teams will be on the ground in Iowa with up-to-the-minute dispatches and unique behind the scenes tid-bits before, during, and after the caucuses. That's right, we will have our very own embedded correspondents (aka HRC staff) on the ground funneling back all the latest information.

    On January 2nd, HRC Communications staffer, Rachel Balick, and Field Organizer, Charlie Mumford, will arrive on the ground in Des Moines, Iowa. They will join staff and organizers from One Iowa - who HRC's Field Dept has been supporting with financial resources and expertise for the last couple of years - all in anticipation of this very important, and quickly approaching, day.

    Our Field Team worked with One Iowa earlier this month holding six workshops across the state, educating and motivating our Iowa members and the broader GLBT community to demystify the caucus process and to excite them about attending.

    From the field work in Iowa and New Hampshire during the '06 elections to the kick-off of the "Legacy of Service" tour in Des Moines and the HRC/Logo Presidential forum, the culmination of these efforts, and numerous others, have placed the GLBT community at the front and center of this election. This is a very early kick-off to what promises to be an eventful election year.

    Are they out to supplant the GLBT media, or getting out the vote for the other HRC? While no doubt a blast for the political junkies on HRC's staff, it's hard to see how all this Iowa work benefits the gay rights movement.

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    1. Double T on Jan 3, 2008 1:09:57 AM:

      I'm not to crazy about the new "look". It's kind of "busy".
      The old look felt clean and crisp.

    1. david on Jan 3, 2008 8:56:34 AM:

      Chris -- I like the new quote you've used by Margaret Mead much better than the previous one. I also like the new look except for the dark background in the box which makes it harder to read than if the box were plain white. BTW I like your blog because you allow people to make commentary on contentious issues without immediately being venomously flamed out by fanatical blogaccolytes as happens on other "LGBT" blogs (like JMG -- which has become a farce over the past year). Also bravo for proudly stating you are a "gay" blog and not an "LGBTTQ2IIT" blog which usually equates to useless victimcentric PC pap. Keep up the great work.

      I just went to preview my post and the screen that appears makes it impossible -- it is so dark and the font is so tiny -- you might want to check this

    1. Kevin on Jan 3, 2008 9:31:43 AM:


      Very interesting indeed. How funny that Brad Luna (or whoever really wrote it) puts this thing out and it doesn't even dawn on them to explain why they are doing any of it. I guess it's either they expect us to all assume it's for Hillary, or they're so arrogant that they don't feel the need to explain anything they do, or they think we're all so stupid that we won't even think to wonder, or all of the above? It's like Eric Stern's souflee of an answer to your blog post about Edwards. All that money, and all that manpower, and this is all we get?

    1. Citizen Crain on Jan 3, 2008 12:06:05 PM:

      I'll offer my thoughts on your redesign comments in a separate comment to the new post I've put up about the redesign.

      As for HRC, Kevin, I'll ship an email to Brad to see if he can offer some sort of explanation. It's strange that it didn't even occur to them to offer one.

    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 26, 2011 3:48:55 AM:

      As for HRC, Kevin, I'll ship an email to Brad to see if he can offer some sort of explanation. It's strange that it didn't even occur to them to offer one.

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