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    January 22, 2008

    Somebody cue Mike Huckabee

    Posted by: Chris

    Mikehuckabeebeforeafterpic Check out the level of cynicism in a new statement from Matt Barber and the anti-gay group Concerned Women for America, gleefully piggybacking on the media hysteria surrounding MRSA staph infections:

    Because Concerned Women for America (CWA) cares deeply for the health and well being of all Americans, CWA is sending letters inviting the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, GLAAD and Lambda Legal to put aside profound ideological differences with CWA — for the sake of the lives and health of their members — and to call for commonsense steps to help curb the spread of a potentially deadly strain of Staph infection. …

    "We're asking HRC and other groups to denounce, through word and deed, 'sex with multiple partners,' 'group sex [parties]' and to actively promote the notion that it is never okay to 'use methamphetamine and other illicit drugs,'" said Matt Barber, CWA's Policy Director for Cultural Issues.

    This is, of course, the same Matt Barber who just days ago issued a statement about MRSA that took an entirely different tone:

    The medical community has known for years that homosexual conduct, especially among males, creates a breeding ground for often deadly disease. In recent years we have seen a profound resurgence in cases of HIV/AIDS, syphilis, rectal gonorrhea and many other STDs among those who call themselves ‘gay.’…

    Well, now the dangerous and possibly deadly consequence of what occurs in those bedrooms is spilling over into the general population. It’s not only frightening, it’s infuriating.

    Citizens, especially parents, need to stand up and say, ‘No More! We will no longer sit idly by while politically correct cultural elites endanger our children and larger communities through propagandist promotion of this demonstrably deadly lifestyle.’

    Never mind that MRSA can be spread through any kind of direct skin contact, not simply sexual contact (gay or otherwise), and never mind that this drug-resistant strain of staph had already infected women, children and heterosexual males in hospitals, sports facilities and other environments before it was ever reported among gay men.

    It's easy to dismiss Barber and the CWA since their patronizing, cynical tone ultimately does their cause more harm than good. But the media ought to at least be asking GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee what he thinks about what Barber and the CWA are saying.

    It was Huckabee, after all, who called in 1992 for gay men to be quarantined because they presented a "dangerous public health threat," even though it was broadly accepted years earlier that HIV/AIDS couldn't be spread through casual contact. Now an organization from within the bowls of his evangelical base is once again perpetrating the myth that we are infectious and dangerous and the infection can, in fact, be spread through non-sexual contact.

    What does Huckabee think we should do now?




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    1. North Dallas Thirty on Jan 22, 2008 5:09:01 PM:

      Yes! Thank goodness, Chris, that you were here to stop gays and gay organizations from publicly opposing illegal drug use and promiscuous sex. Heaven only knows the horrors that could take place if that happened.

    1. Strict Scrutiny on Jan 23, 2008 10:27:32 AM:

      I doubt any media outlet will ask Mike Huckabee, or any of the other Republican candidates, about this issue. First, I’ve barely seen it covered anywhere except here and some of the other blogs. So, I don’t think MRSA is catching on as a major story nationally. And second, the media has utterly failed to adequately confront or question politicians regarding their statements. Instead, we get stories about Hillary showing her cleavage at a debate.

      But if someone actually did ask him, I think he’d probably suggest some sort of quarantine like he did in 1992. He wasn’t terribly remorseful when asked about his HIV/AIDS comment and would probably have no reservations about suggesting some version of that in the context of MRSA. Neither Huckabee nor any of these Christian organizations care anything about the GLBT community.

      On the subject of CWA’s statement, I wouldn’t characterize it as “cynical.” It was a clever cheap shot couched in words of “concern” for public health. Basically, CWA was able to air its grievances about the gay community in the context of comments about a legitimate public health issue. They know full well that this is not an issue about sex or drug use. If they really were concerned, they’d be talking to the SF Dept. of Public Health, rather than HRC.

      And ya know what else? I don’t need some snotty Christian group telling me about sex and drug use. I figured all that out about 20 years ago. Furthermore there is no gay rights organization I know of which advocates sex parties and methamphetamine use. Yeah, thanks for the fake concern.

    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 30, 2011 2:19:14 AM:

      methamphetamine use. Yeah, thanks for the fake concern.

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