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    January 28, 2008

    The gay case for Hillary, con't

    Posted by: Chris

    I've been remiss in following up on my post from several weeks back about those who've made the case for why Hillary Clinton is a better choice than Barack Obama for gay voters. Due to some unfortunate computer issues -- getting a new Internet connection in Brazil is a slow-motion nightmare -- I haven't rounded up the samples I've found to date.

    Ethangeto I promise to follow up soon, but I couldn't slide let this total gem from Ethan Geto, identified by the New York Times as the Clinton campaign’s senior policy adviser on gay and lesbian concerns:

    We’re going to get the word out best we can to show that Hillary has done more for the community than any other political figure in America.

    You got that, Barney Frank! You hear that, Ted Kennedy? Are you listening, Bill Richardson? I've heard of smoking your own dope, but there's no question whether Mr. Geto inhaled.

    What has Hillary Clinton ever done "for the community?"  She was the first First Lady to march in the New York City Gay Pride parade, although not before she had launched her New York Senate campaign. She coordinated with the Human Rights Campaign to fight the federal marriage amendment in 2006, a vote that was a foregone conclusion and a huge missed opportunity for the movement.

    Her voting record is strong and her positions are favorable, to be sure. But Geto's statement is breathtaking in its exaggeration, especially about a candidate who does not support gay marriage  -- unlike her state's governor and many Democrats in her state's legislator.

    Clearly the commitment to truthiness in the Clinton camp is contagious.



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    1. Monster Beats Sale on Nov 30, 2011 2:48:13 AM:

      unlike her state's governor and many Democrats in her state's legislator.

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