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    January 23, 2008

    The "Karl Rove" candidate - is this what gays want?

    Posted by: Kevin

    Billary_2Today's Wall Street Journal has an excellent piece laying out exactly what happens to you when you become inconvenient to the Clinton Borg.

    Keep watching what they're doing to Obama, and learn what they'll do to us the moment we become similarly inconvenient to their pursuit or retention of power.  I mean, after "don't ask, don't tell," the HIV immigration ban and the Defense of Marriage Act, what more do you need to see the nose on your face?

    But alas, the Washington Post saw Clinton's trajectory as "the Karl Rove candidate" of 2008 back in August of last year.  She was, indeed, anointed by the man himself:

    Even Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, seems to agree, effectively vowing to run her operation much as Rove did his two successful national campaigns. "She expresses admiration for the way George W. Bush's campaign team controlled its message, and, given her druthers, would run this race no differently," Michelle Cottle writes in New York magazine. "'We are a very disciplined group, and I am very proud of it,' she says with a defiant edge."


    Rove and the Clintons have circled each other warily these last eight years, exhibiting a mix of grudging respect and deep bitterness as the central if competing political strategists of their era. Rove singled out Hillary Clinton's campaign in his parting interviews in the last few days, predicting she will win the Democratic nomination and be a tough opponent in the fall of 2008.

    I can personally attest to the dangers of putting your trust in someone who campaigns and plans to govern in the way that Karl Rove did.  The central organizing principle of this approach is to win at all cost, promise anything and yet step over anyone's dead political body (including your closest friend's), even attempt to change reality if necessary, to triumph or survive, depending on your fortunes today.  And no - that isn't the way everyone governs.  It's something that inevitably leads to Watergate, the Clinton impeachment, and Iraq.  That's the kind of country it produces.

    Is this what gay Americans really want?  Haven't they already had enough?

    You tell me.



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      the Clinton impeachment, and Iraq. That's the kind of country it produces.

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