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    February 19, 2008

    GNW 5: Trans boycotts and 8-year-olds

    Posted by: Chris

    1. 'Torchwood' star says gay kiss turned on Marsters'Torchwood' star says gay kiss turned on Marsters: QUICK LOOK: Bisexual actor John Barrowman – who plays Captain Jack Harkness in the hit British TV show "Torchwood" – claims former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star James Marsters... (MORE)
    2. Williams, Menzel urged to join trans boycott of HRCWilliams, Menzel urged to join trans boycott of HRC: QUICK LOOK: Idina Menzel and Vanessa Willliams face a very gay dilemma. Both are scheduled to appear at the Human Rights Campaign dinner Feb. 23 at the New York Hilton. The problem... (MORE)
    3. Remains linked to Edward II's reviled male loverRemains linked to Edward II's reviled male lover: QUICK LOOK: A mutilated body found at an abbey in the U.K. has been identified as that of Sir Hugh Despenser the Younger, one of the most reviled medieval courtiers and reputed gay... (MORE)
    4. Gay Africans and Arabs are coming out on blogsGay Africans and Arabsa are coming out on blogs: QUICK LOOK: When Ali started blogging that he was Sudanese and gay, he did not realize he was joining a band of African and Middle Eastern gays and lesbians who, in the face of hostility... (MORE)
    5. Colo. school accepts 8-year-old transgender girl student: QUICK LOOK: (*WARNING: anti-gay source*): He's an 8-year-old boy who wants to attend second grade here in the Douglas County Public Schools, but with an unusual stipulation: He wants to go to class as a girl... (MORE)

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    1. Out of Eygpt on Feb 19, 2008 9:41:53 PM:

      alma-mater cont'd.
      Let me thank you for your comments. I can't say that I was surprised to meet w/ such hostility but it wasn't taken personally at all so no worries...
      Not too long ago however there was a discussion of the 'Amen Choir' on this blog, how tiring it can be and how stimulating it is to meet w/ opposition, perhaps we meant only in theory...
      The reactions I met with made me think of a porqupine, when everything is going smoothly its quills are nice and flat and shiny, but ruffle those quills and BOING!!!
      Two issues prompted me to speak out. First, the instruction small children in this country are receiving on the normalcy of homosexuality; secondly, the possibility that one day I might find myself sharing a public lavatory w/ a man who 'feels' like he is a woman.
      Based on Chris' description of the confusion he went through discerning his sexual orientation, it would seem obvious that homosexuality goes against nature....
      So the gay activists want to be gay, great, that they would be left alone to do just that, but that they feel the need to drag an entire society, children included, into this deception is truly just plain scary.

      Kirk and Madsen spoke of getting the camel's nose under the tent(associating gays/straight together to 'change' peoples' perceptions of homosexuals to just normal guys), once under, then you can lug in the rest of the 'animal', in this case all the fringe members of the gay community.

      The day a transsexual enters a ladies' room with me is for sure a day that neither of us will ever forget. There is not a chance in the world that I would enable his feelings. Feelings just plain are not facts.

      Chris thank you so much for the Alma Mater, I can only imagine how you must have felt when that 'liberal' professor delivered his line about the gays in the priesthood. I love it when you allow us into your life, past, present, future (hopes)

      Good Evening Gentlemen.

    1. Kevin on Feb 19, 2008 10:40:09 PM:


      Mine was a very simple question. No boinging quills here.

      (and I have to confess, "...but ruffle those quills and BOING!!!" is my all-time favorite comment on this blog now...)

    1. Shawn on Feb 20, 2008 12:45:34 AM:

      OOE, If you want to critic-proof your arguement by portraying anyone who disagrees with you as unreasonable, that's fine, whatever. But I take issue with your Blame the Vicitm implication that Chris is responsible for the lack of understanding he faced at Vanderbilt. Because he had the temerity to be gay.
      When you have the luxury of being a member of the majority, feelings are very much like facts: you've always had the legislative ability to keep the camels out of the tent if you don't feel comfortable with them. But if you don't like camels, that's not the camel's fault.

      I'm not sure how we went from Chris at Vanderbilt to MTFs in the ladies' room, but ok: my first thought was that you are assuming that your well-honed power of judgement would be able to spot a transgendered person on sight. If you have been in a busy airport, train station, NFL stadium, how do you know that you haven't already shared a bathroom with a transgendered person?

      The point of teaching those small children, whom you reference, about non-tradtional families is that people who are different are neither morally defective nor second-class citizens just because they are different. I'm betting that there is another missed point here: Chris probably isn't sharing a painful episode from his life so that you will have an opportunity to witness and thereby change him. The point is you are the one who has something she needs to change.

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