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    February 22, 2008

    Hillary's big gay snub

    Posted by: Chris

    Providence1 The decision by the Clinton campaign to ban Providence, R.I., Mayor David Cicilline from attending her rally there this Sunday had nothing to do with the fact that Cicilline is openly gay. Cicilline, who has campaigned for Hillary in New Hampshire and locally, is embroiled in a drawn-out dispute with the local firefighter's union that was deemed too touchy. (Ironically, the call to Cicilline to stay away was made by Clinton's national political director, Guy Cecil, who is also gay.)

    Never mind that Cicilline restored the public trust in Providence government after a series of scandals stained his predecessors, or that he's a rising star in the party and possible candidate for governor in 2010 -- an election that would be a major victory for the gay rights movement. Regardless, a snub like this would have been unthinkable if Cicilline were African American or Hispanic and is the latest example of how the Clinton camp views gays as a captive clique already in her back pocket.



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