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    February 13, 2008

    Hillary's gay Guy sets the mark

    Posted by: Chris

    GuycecilIn the midst of Barack Obama's sweep of the Potomac Primaries yesterday, a couple of other top campaign staffers for Hillary Clinton announced their resignations. The decisions make sense since new manager Maggie Williams will want her own team in place.

    One of those to leave was Mike Henry, the deputy campaign manager in charge of field strategy. His replacement, Guy Cecil, is openly gay and (might I add) an all-around super individual.

    Guy's first day in the new job put him on the hot seat, acknowledging on a media conference call that the Clinton campaign's goal is to be 25 delegates behind Obama after the Ohio and Texas primaries on March 4 -- and that's including superdelegates!

    As Ben Smith notes, 25 delegates behind is actually where Clinton is now, so the "goal" clearly doesn't anticipate wins in Ohio and Texas. It's certainly a stark admission of the state of things, even if Guy was just setting the expectations bar as low as he could get away with.



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    1. Shawn on Feb 14, 2008 3:09:59 AM:

      I think his first move should be squelching stuff like this


    1. Tim C on Feb 14, 2008 9:14:48 AM:

      Oooo, it's like Up With People for Hillary. I was cringing until I finally stopped it.

    1. Jack Jett on Feb 14, 2008 1:00:08 PM:

      The media bashing of Hillary Clinton has been blatant and coming from the left and the right.

      I want to say that this blog, which I consider conservative, has been very fair in the coverage of the two Democratic candidates.

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