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    February 11, 2008

    Hillary's last day in the lead

    Posted by: Chris

    That would be today, Monday, the day before the Potomac Primary (D.C., Maryland and Virginia) will put Barack Obama in the lead, even factoring in the committed "superdelegates" thus far. Obama is already well ahead in states won (19 of 29) and pledged delegates, 1021-25 to Clinton's 950-954, according to NBC. Counting the superdelegates that each campaign is claiming (263 for Clinton, 175 for Obama), and Hillary maintains a slight overall lead.

    The other media orgs have delegate counts with mixed results, counting superdelegates:

    • ABC: Clinton 1,127, Obama 1,110.
    • CBS: Obama 1,134, Clinton 1,131.
    • AP: Clinton 1,136, Obama 1,108.
    • CNN: Clinton 1,148, Obama 1,121.

    Obama has also taken the lead in a number in national polls for the first time. The new USA Today/Gallup poll has Obama ahead 47% to 44%.

    Obama goes into tomorrow's contests with double-digit leads in Maryland (70 delegates), Virginia (83 delegates) and D.C. (15 delegates). If he pulls off convincing victories, he will hold the lead in overall delegates (including superdelegates) for the first time.

    And there's no light in Hillary's tunnel, at least until March 4 when Texas and Ohio vote.



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    1. Andoni on Feb 12, 2008 9:09:59 AM:

      Prediction: If Obama wins both Virginia and Maryland today by anything resembling 60-40 and the exit polling shows him eating into Clinton's demographics, on Wednesday you will see the beginning of a chorus of voices suggesting that Senator Clinton withdraw from the race.

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