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    February 29, 2008

    McCain's politics of rejection

    Posted by: Chris

    Yesterday in my post about the slippery slope between Louis Farrakhan and Donnie McClurkin, I noted that John McCain appeared on stage this week to accept the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee of the Christian Zionist Movement, who has said very incendiary things about Catholics and Jews and apparently blamed Hurricane Katrina on the gays. Today McCain neither "denounced" nor "rejected" Hagee's endorsement or views, but he did distance himself.

    And in finding common ground with Catholics, he managed to take a swipe at the gays:

    Yesterday, Pastor John Hagee endorsed my candidacy for president in San Antonio, Texas. However, in no way did I intend for his endorsement to suggest that I in turn agree with all of Pastor Hagee's views, which I obviously do not.

    I am hopeful that Catholics, Protestants and all people of faith who share my vision for the future of America will respond to our message of defending innocent life, traditional marriage, and compassion for the most vulnerable in our society.

    McCain is hardly sounding like the champion in the fight against a federal marriage amendment that the Log Cabin folks still imagine him to me.



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