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    February 26, 2008

    Waking up on the wrong side (II)

    Posted by: Chris

    I've written before on occasion about those days when I wake up and see gay activists so wrong-headed that I feel like they're putting us on "the wrong side" of the Culture Wars.

    That's how I felt when the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders tried to use a public accomodations law to force an Irish gay group into Boston St. Patrick's Day parade or when Lambda Legal tried to force the Boy Scouts to change their membership rules. Thankfully, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked both those attempts.

    It's how I felt when a gay bar in Melbourne tried to exclude heterosexuals, and a gay men's bar in Montreal tried to exclude women. And it's how I felt when a lesbian sued eHarmony to force a matchmaking and a lesbian couple sued a Methodist church in New Jersey to force it into accepting their wedding on its property.

    Richardhudler1 But none of that compares to the anger and disbelief I felt when I read yesterday about how gay groups in Canada are trying to block an effort to raise the age of consent there from 14. Here's how Xtra, the Canadian gay paper, reported it:

    The proposed changes will have a disproportionate impact on gays, said Richard Hudler of the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario.

    "My first lover was 17 years older than me. And this is common [among gay people]," he said. "It is dangerous considering the attitude toward sexual orientation in schools for a young person to attempt to make sexual contact with a peer."

    Hudler looks like he's right out of central casting for the creepy older homosexual angry that our access to 14 and 15 year-olds might be limited if age of consent laws are changed. Not only is it ridiculous to suggest that first gay relationships are more often with much older partners, it obviously plays right into offensive stereotypes about predatory gay men.

    Age of consent laws are arbitrary by nature and cannot take into account the differences in maturity levels among individual teens, and Canadian activists are right to challenge the higher age of consent for anal sex (18). But the idea behind such laws is clear and laudatory: setting an age at which youth should be protected from the risks to their physical and psychological health that come from sexual relationships.

    Yes some teens can handle sex well, but many cannot and gay activists ought to be on the side of protecting youth as much as possible -- giving them the "safe space" to figure out who the are before actual sex comes into play. To see creepy activists like Hudler advocating their exploitation by their elders is, well, disgusting.

    (Photo by Brent Creelman via Xtra.ca)



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    1. Double T on Feb 26, 2008 3:27:50 PM:

      Culture Wars: NAMBLA STRIKES BACK
      First and foremost, the protection of children is an absolute.
      However, Chris your post jumped all over the place lumping things together that shouldn’t be lumped together.
      1)Boston St. Patrick's Day. Is a celebration of the contributions made by the Irish to America. It is not a Catholic parade. Protestants take part in the parade as well. Now, if your saying that no Irish-Americans are gay, then I can totally see your point. If not, what is your point?
      2) The Boy Scouts use taxpayer facilities in many locations. Why? Because they are preparing for service in the US Armed Forces. So yes, I agree with you, no fags in the military.
      3) Melbourne tried to exclude heterosexuals. I agree, this is just stupid. How do you screen for such a thing? You start singing a musical and see if they can finish it? Besides that, after six beers those “heters” swing our way.
      4) Lesbian sued eHarmony to force a matchmaking. Correct me, but isn’t eHarmony a business? And do they not operate in states where discriminating against gays is illegal. Can the phone company turn me away because they don’t want to do business with some fag? Say, wasn’t eHarmony hooking people up at that bar in Melbourne?
      5) Lesbian couple sued a Methodist church. I’ll agree with you on this one. Lesbians have no right to challenge religions. They have permission from God to discriminate. It says right in the Bible, “Love thy neighbor, just make sure you’re not living next to a couple of dykes”.
      If Hudler is going to have his picture taken, remove the raccoon sitting on his head first.

    1. MidtownFreak on Feb 26, 2008 3:42:25 PM:

      Actually, on 5): Wasn't that supposed property NOT part of the church, and instead owned and funded by the local county? I can't find the article now, but goodasyou covered it.

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