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    March 30, 2008

    GNW 5: Only one gay N'Sync'er

    Posted by: Chris

    1. Italian police pin-up named Gaydar's sexiest manItalian police pin-up named Gaydar's sexiest man: QUICK LOOK: Gorgeous Italian motorcycle cop, Fabrizio Chiazza, has been voted the world’s sexiest man in Gaydar.co.uk’s hotly contested ‘Sex Factor’ competition. The 33-year-old... (MORE)
    2. N'Sync singer denies 'Gossip Girl' boyfriend rumorN'Sync singer denies 'Gossip Girl' boyfriend rumor: QUICK LOOK: This just in -- JC Chasez is not gay. A disappointing conclusion for gossip girls and boys around the globe who heard all about it on the nasty blogs: The 'N Sync alum... (MORE)
    3. Married American ordered to pay gay Brazilian ex-boyfriend: QUICK LOOK: A court in Brazil has ruled that a married American man must share part of his wealth with a Brazilian man with whom he had a four year relationship.  The Court of Justice in the southern state... (MORE)
    4. Okla. rep meets with PFLAG, backs workplace rightsOkla. rep meets with PFLAG, backs workplace rights: QUICK LOOK: Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern had the first public meeting with an LGBT advocacy group since her shockingly anti-gay speech was posted online by the Gay and Lesbian... (MORE)
    5. Evangelical group moves from gay to other issuesEvangelical group moves from gay to other issues: QUICK LOOK: An evangelical group that wants to reshape the movement's political reputation for being focused on opposing abortion and same-sex marriage is hoping that a series of... (MORE)

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