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    March 07, 2008

    Say anything, do anything (II)

    Posted by: Chris

    Clintonrendell For awhile Hillary Clinton let surrogates float the idea that she might tap Barack Obama as her running mate if she wins the Democratic nomination -- creating the type of "dream ticket" that many (extremely unrealistic) voters apparently want. Yesterday it was Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell; today it was Hillary herself:

    Speaking to voters in Mississippi, where Sen. Barack Obama is expected to do well in next week's primary, Clinton said, "I've had people say, 'Well I wish I could vote for both of you. Well, that might be possible some day. But first I need your vote on Tuesday." It is the second time this week that she has hinted at a joint ticket with the Illinois senator; he has not ruled it out but says it is premature to be having those discussions.

    This really is the height of cynicism. She goes into a state that Obama is expected to win handily and makes a play for his supporters by suggesting -- with absolutely no obligation -- that they can vote for her guilt-free and she might bring him on board as veep.

    It's not the first time she's used the wink and nod to suggest to primary voters that supporting her is a two-for-one deal. The active role of her husband, the ex-president, in her campaign has sent the not so subtle message that electing her would create a co-presidency in a very real sense.

    It's symptomatic, of course, of her willingness to say anything and do anything to win, even when she knows that it's mathematically next to impossible.



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    1. McQ on Mar 8, 2008 12:34:50 PM:

      I think comments like that by HRC are actually more emblematic of her arrogance, and that of her high-level supporters - all of whom seemed until recently to regard the primaries and caucuses as a mere formality on the short stroll to her coronation. We weren't asked what we thought of another Clinton in the White House, we were informed that there would be and that we would be wise to get on the bus before it left the station without us.

      Of course, it hasn't occurred to the Clinton camp that voters might prefer to see HER as the v.p. on a Dem ticket?

      It strikes me as another variation on the song - "Don't Bother Us, We Know What We're Doing" - that's been on the Oval Office Hit Parade for the past seven years. I'm ready for a new beat...

    1. Geena the Transgirl on Mar 8, 2008 4:16:59 PM:

      What if Obama tried the following?
      He says to the media, okay let's seat delagates from Florida and Michigan based upon the January primary.

      Taking the following results for Florida from the Green Papers:
      Clinton 105, Obama 67, and Edwards 13

      Using the following results for Michigan from Green Papers:
      Clinton 80, Uncomitted 55
      Obama says, okay Hillary you have the 80, I'll take the 55.

      Net result: Clinton +185, Obama +122
      Clinton gains 63 pledged delegates

      Final result
      Pledged Delegates - Obama 1493, Clinton 1400
      Total Delegates Obama 1703, Clinton 1645

      Obama looks like a great uniter - shuts up Hillary,
      and still has the likely insurmountable lead.

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