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    April 17, 2008

    GNW 5: Gay gossip, gayer politics

    Posted by: Chris

    1. Gossip site claims to reveal Anderson Cooper's exGossip site claims to reveal Anderson Cooper's ex: QUICK LOOK: Our friends in the gay mafia here in Hollywood (Yes, it’s real) recently introduced us to the very hot J.D. Ordonez, Anderson Cooper’s ex boyfriend at a party!!! JD’s... (MORE)
    2. Stripper egged royal into sex act, drugs, court toldStripper egged royal into sex act, drugs, court told: QUICK LOOK: A married U.K. royal said to have performed a gay sex act on his senior aide on a kitchen floor as a Stringfellows stripper egged him on also took drugs, a jury heard... (MORE)
    3. The war against Washington's closeted RepublicansThe war against Washington's closeted Republicans: QUICK LOOK: Welcome to gay Washington in the 21st century, where the gay Democrats are proud and out on the Hill and in the lobbying firms on K Street, while many gay Republicans... (MORE)
    4. Kern's anti-gay comments spook big biz relocationKern's anti-gay comments spook big biz relocation: QUICK LOOK: A San Francisco Bay-area financial services company has not yet ruled out Oklahoma City for a major office relocation, a vice president of a real estate search firm confirmed... (MORE)
    5. Barney Frank says Dem primary should end June 3Barney Frank says Dem primary should end June 3: QUICK LOOK: Rep. Barney Frank said the trailing Democratic presidential candidate should drop out of the race by no later than June 3 — the date of the two last Democratic primaries... (MORE)

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