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    April 19, 2008

    Them's fighting words, Matt

    Posted by: Chris

    Foremanweb1_story Remember when Matt Foreman, the newly departed director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, took a shot at Barney Frank over the whole ENDA debacle -- claiming he had a history of being "squeamish" on transgender issues? The legendary, short-tempered congressman from Massachusetts was quick to respond, dismissing Foreman for "covering his ass" for falling short on votes for trans-inclusion in the workplace act.

    Well now Foreman has upped the ante considerably on his way out the door at the Task Force. In an interview with Gay City News, Foreman was at times complimentary of Frank but then wound up and threw down with this one:

    [Foreman] is particularly critical of the way in which the advice of Wisconsin's Tammy Baldwin, an openly lesbian Madison Democrat, was ignored; she felt that the votes could be rounded up for the trans-inclusive version, and Foreman has noted several times that she was the legislator who successfully lined up the support for the hate crimes measure.

    "I thought the way she was treated in the ENDA struggle was shameful, with lots of overtones of misogyny," he said, in a comment that might spur a new riposte from Frank.

    It's classic leftist trype, of course, to accuse anyone who disagrees of being an "ist" or "phobe" of some sort. Foreman and his allies regularly engaged it such ridiculousness regularly during the ENDA debate, accusing anyone who agreed with Barney on tactics of being a transphobe. Ironic given that Foreman himself used Barney's tactics to get New York's state gay rights law passed.

    Still, it's beyond galling in this case, and Foreman should apologize. It's funny how Foreman never acknowledges that Tammy Baldwin voted for the pared-down ENDA backed by Barney -- despite pleas from Foreman et al not to. It's also funny how Foreman and his "trans or bust" allies claim to want to "unify" the community -- another theme of his GCN interview -- even while gratuitously insulting anyone who doesn't think like he does.

    (Photo of Matt Foreman via Gay City News)



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    1. Tim on Apr 19, 2008 6:13:00 PM:

      yup same thing I told them when they called for money last week.

    1. The Gay Species on Apr 21, 2008 4:56:51 PM:

      Is it beyond comprehensible to offer TWO amendments? (1) The original ENDA -- without T/S, and (2) one for T/S alone.

      The days of "coalition" politics ended with FDR. Issues should stand on their own, or fall on their own. The whole "omni" bill process has eliminated responsibility FOR as well as NOT.

      And ENDA is an "end-run" NOT to Amend the Civil Rights Act, 1964, WHY? Do the ENDS justify the MEANS? (Think before answering.)

    1. Chris on Apr 22, 2008 3:49:57 PM:

      TGS: Trans rights backers have largely opposed an amendment adding gender identity because that isolates the most controversial element of the bill -- dooming the amendment to failure. Their hope is that the pressure to support gay rights is strong enough on moderate lawmakers that they will grit their teeth and swallow the trans provision. Also, moderates could justify to voters supporting inclusive ENDA as supporting an imperfect bill to protect gay employees. It is piggybacking in every sense, which is fine so long as it doesn't kill the bill itself. Barney et al only removed the trans provision when it was clear it would kill the bill itself.

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