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    April 08, 2008

    Travel days and the GNW 5

    Posted by: Chris

    Yesterday was a travel day, hence the dormant blog. I've had a lot of those recently -- D.C. to N.Y. (March 28), N.Y. to Memphis (March 31), Memphis to Atlanta (April 4), and Atlanta to D.C. (yesterday). I have another big one tomorrow, flying back to Rio for the first time in almost five weeks. I'll enjoy my last day -- my birthday! -- here in Washington with friends today, but for obvious reasons I'll be very happy to be "home" in Copacabana as well.

    Just to play catch up, here are the top stories now on Gay News Watch:

    1. Shame over being gay leads retired teacher to suicideShame over being gay leads retired teacher to suicide: QUICK LOOK: A former teacher took his own life in Hampshire, U.K., because he was afraid people would find out he was gay, an inquest heard. Clive Richards, who was prominent in... (MORE)
    2. Gayle King to Letterman: Oprah and I aren't lesbiansGayle King to Letterman: Oprah and I aren't lesbians: QUICK LOOK: Gayle King is single and ready to mingle. Promoting the ABC show "Oprah's Big Give" on Letterman, King laughed off reports she and best friend Oprah Winfrey were more... (MORE)
    3. Appeals court hears Ill. student's claim to wear anti-gay T-shirt: QUICK LOOK: A three-judge panel heard testimony Friday in a Naperville, Ill., high school student's appeal to wear a T-shirt expressing opposition to homosexuality. Alexander Nuxoll, a Neuqua Valley High School... (MORE)
    4. Hitch tells Andrew Sullivan, 'Don't be such a lesbian'Hitch tells Andrew Sullivan, 'Don't be such a lesbian': QUICK LOOK: On the April 5 edition of MSNBC's Tim Russert, Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens debated the significance for Sen. Barack Obama of comments made by his former... (MORE)
    5. Bravo, Lifetime in tug of war over 'Project Runway'Bravo, Lifetime in tug of war over 'Project Runway': QUICK LOOK: NBC and Bravo aren’t letting “Project Runway” jump to Lifetime without a fight.
      Peacock has filed suit in New York Supreme Court against “Project Runway” producer... (MORE)

    Gnw_lighthouse_logo_3 These are the Top 5 popular stories on Gay News Watch over the last 24 hours. You can also view the most popular stories of the last week or month, as well as the biggest stories of the last 24 hours, week or month.



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    1. Dawn Keeler on Apr 8, 2008 10:45:38 AM:

      Happiest Birthday to You, Many Blessings
      Sorry about the Irish Blessing with spelling mistakes, only saw it once it was posted. Too bad you probably don't have time to say hello to readers in Falls Church,

    1. Dawn Keeler on Apr 9, 2008 7:46:33 AM:

      Hope you had a meaningful,perhaps even memorable birthday celebration yesterday.
      After 5 weeks on the road I bet you are relieved to be returning to reconnect with your heart.
      I will be certainly praying that your journey be surronded by ministering angels to protect you, to keep you safe.
      Be Blessed my Friend.Remember in Falls Church you have a friend in Him.

    1. Amicus on Apr 10, 2008 12:52:48 AM:

      Happy Birthday (belated).

      Good grief, Chris, you must smell of airplanes!

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