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    May 25, 2008

    Hillary's long-awaited game changer

    Posted by: Andoni

    Hillaryclinton One reason the Clinton campaign had been giving behind the scenes for continuing its mathematically impossible quest for the Democratic nomination is they were waiting for Barack Obama to perhaps make a game-changing gaffe that would convince superdelegates to turn against him. It’s ironic that it was Hillary Clinton, not Obama, who has made that long-awaited gaffe, and it will most likely hasten a stampede of superdelegates the opposite direction.

    Of course I’m talking about Clinton’s now infamous reference to Senator Robert Kennedy’s assassination, in response to a question about why she was still campaigning.

    I am an Obama supporter who has come to view both of the Clintons with much less respect than I had for them only a year ago. That said, I agree both with Keith Olbermann "special comment"  and Maureen Dowd's "All About Eve" column with regard to Hillary's statement invoking RFK's assassination as a reason for her staying in the race. 

    Last night, I had dinner with a friend who is a news editor for CNN, and he shared his belief that this whole RFK assassination episode was simply an unfortunate choice of words by Clinton and has been taken out of context by the media and her opponents. He likened it to Barack Obama’s “clinging to guns and religion” statement.

    Rfk If indeed this is simply a gaffe equivalent to Senator Obama’s, then I hope the Clinton campaign suffers the same prolonged period of intense negative media publicity that Obama did, stoked by Hillary Clinton herself, as a result of his remarks.

    However, I really believe this is much more than simply an unfortunate choice of words. I think Hillary's comment gave us a candid glimpse into her innermost soul and private discussions within her campaign, and I didn’t like the darkness that I saw. I would bet that in discussions with Bill and her closest advisors, the likelihood of political assassination was explicitly stated as a reason for her to remain well-positioned as a substitute nominee, or to make sure she became vice president so she could wait out the possibility of Obama wins in November. 

    Hillary Clinton and the people in her campaign know how much damage has been done by her statement. A report  by Katharine Seelye of the New York Times details how "Friday might have been one of the worst days of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political career."

    I agree and predict the RFK statement will be much more damaging to her career than most outsiders realize right now.



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    1. Hawyer on May 26, 2008 12:06:35 PM:

      Andoni. Andoni. While we all have a near-terminal case of DPFS (Dem Primary Fatigue Syndrome) - joining the media pile-on for this one-liner carries Hillary parsing to the Reductio ad absurdum: case in point that the real collateral damage to the Democratic party comes from too many pundits self-importantly weighing in on too little substance.

      In an after-hours interview with the fucking Argus, South Dakota Leader (now there's a bellwether pub), Hill was once again disabused for having the audacity to actually complete the insufferable primary schedule - and even more byzantine delegate allocation - inflicted on us by the Dem National Committee.

      In a moment of revere, sheer exhaustion, and reflection, she was patiently trying to break it down for this backwater moron, reiterating for the umpteenth time that NOT having a presumptive nominee before June is not exactly precedent setting. Further buttressing her analysis, she proceeded to draw a picture and connect the dots with poignant moments in political history -- events that would invoke late-in-the game reference points when there was still robust campaigning going on:

      [To wit] ... "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California." ...

      To psychoanalyze Hillary and impute that this was a macabre slip-of-the-tongue, divulging back room death-watch calculus based on the likelihood of Obama's assassination, is patently fatuous.

      Worse than that an Obama campaign spokesperson couldn't wait to stick the knife in and give it a twist:

      “Senator Clinton's statement before the Argus Leader ... was unfortunate and has no place in this campaign."

      Now there's the high road, huh?

      Let's give this non-event a peaceful rest.

    1. Kudzu Fire on May 26, 2008 3:38:20 PM:

      Be afraid. Be very afraid. Hillary Clinton is running for president.

    1. BB on May 27, 2008 10:00:10 AM:

      Hawyer, you sound like Bill defending Hill's Bosnia Lies. "She was tired". When she's tired she LIES and does not know what she is saying? That could be dangerous, don't you think, for a President, AT 3 IN THE MORNING? AND, she was not tired. She had told those same lies before, in previous speeches, early in the day. She had made the assassination comment a couple times before too. SO, she was not tired, unless she is tired all the time. Hillary is rehearsed and calculating. Lady MacBeth. The comment was meant to send CHILLS up our spines and think, "OH NO, BLACK Obama might just get assassinated by some racist, then what will we do?" SAVE US BILLary, SAVE US!

      That same morning, just before the Media FINALLY let us know what she had said a couple times before, about June being a good time for assassinations, I had turned to my room mate and said that IF Barack should feel FORCED to have her as his VP, he better watch his back. Her LUST for the Oval Office will cause that woman to do ANYTHING. An HIRED assassin I see as being no problem for her. She will say ANYTHING, and do ANYTHING to be President.

      Then, a few hours later, we learned that visions of assassination are dancing in her head.

    1. Hawyer on May 27, 2008 11:45:54 AM:

      BB ---

      Oh jeez I forgot her treachery and calculation --- when she murdered Vince Foster, she did drag the body all the way to Fort Marcy Park.

    1. BB on May 27, 2008 4:05:44 PM:

      ????????? Why such an EXTREMIST Hawyer ? How very REPUBLICAN of you. No surprise, since Hillary is now running as a gun toting, beer guzzling, Bible thumping, laughing at
      "pansy" jokes, praising McCain, voting for Iraq war, Republican.

      I had given Hillary a BIG benefit of doubt concerning Vince Foster, so you are SO off base in your Republican extremism. I had NEVER entertained the idea that she had him killed. I dislike Hillary NOT for the past, but for the now. She LIES with such ease. She PANDERS disgustingly (repeal the gas tax). She sanctimoniously criticizes Obama for mentioning how horrid the ABC debate was, with Gibson and George (which WAS horrid). She implies what a wimp Obama is, and says SHE CAN TAKE IT, then complains, complains, complains. She raised NO voice of opposition when ALL candidates where told Florida and Michigan would not count, since they chose to VIOLATE the agreed upon voting order. Hillary now believes, I'm guessing, that there should be NO voting schedule. States can vote, whenever. She complains that if we were Republicans, she would be the nominee already. But, being a Democrat is preventing her from snatching up the nomination. NOW, she complains that there is sexism.

      if Obama can overcome RACISM then who the hell is she to complain that there is sexism? How laughable. Cable News folk accuse Obama of being Muslim, and she says that as far as she knows he is not. How coy, leaving open the possiblity that he MIGHT be, but she just doesn’t know it. Cable News folk call Obama, “Osama”, and remind us of his middle name, “Hussein”, but poor Hillary. They have just been beating up all over her, ‘cause she is a gal. LOL WHO HAS, and when? But, if so, TAKE IT HILLARY. Don’t be a wimp, and complain.

      Now you complain that Obama is not out campaigning for her, when she sticks her EXPERIENCED foot in her mouth. I thought EXPERIENCE meant NO STUPID mistakes. Hillary has put the screws to Obama, whenever (Ayers, Wright , ETC.). Obama mentions that "assassination" was an unfortunate choice of word, (which it WAS) and how dare he state the TRUTH. You people want a CORONATION of Hillary, don’t you?

      I would vote for a woman in a heart beat, if I liked and trusted that woman. I do not like or trust Hillary, NOT based on the past, but based on the NOW. Watching her NOW. Listening to her NOW. Being aggravated to no end by her NOW. From her scolding schoolmarm rant, to her, I’m oh so consolatory, act. Her tearful “I’ve now found my voice”, nonsense. She is now being the exact opposite of how she would be, if she were leading in the delegate count, and Obama was way behind. She is NOT anchored to any consistency of self. She becomes whatever she thinks she needs to be, to become President. Obama is consistently himself. Who the HELL is Hillary? I have NOT a clue. WHO IS SHE?

    1. Hawyer on May 27, 2008 4:45:11 PM:

      BB. BB.

      How very Republican of me ?? Now that's a below-the-belt blow. Call me a son-of-a-bitch, a bastard, or fucking queer (which I am - LOL) BUT never never call me a Republican. Waaa Waaa ... I can't take that kind of abuse.

      That said - why don't you tell me what you really think of Hill?

      You'd be surprised that I tend to agree with you on most of your points. I've never been much of a Hillary fan - from the time she decided to move to NY just to run for the Senate -- which sort of, you now, undercuts the whole point of representative democracy.

      I remember laughing when she did that (I live in Atlanta) --- that could you imagine someone moving from NY to Georgia just to grab a loose senate seat? Why, the Georgia voters would have thrown him under the bus and backed over the renegade.

      But hey, New Yorkers apparently were proud to have "The Hill" stake out a claim. Go figure.

      My major point was that --- Hillary notwithstanding, I'm just not ready to translate her statement about the RFK assassination as code that she's gonna take out Obama (sometime in June) with a bullet to the head. Come on now - you're entitled to hate Hillary for what she's done or hasn't done, but if you're going to swiftboat her, at least be more creative.

    1. Hawyer on May 27, 2008 5:02:09 PM:

      BB - oh yeah ---

      When I really lost all respect for Hillary - was when that asshole Gen. Peter Pace (doesn't that sound like a gay porn star!) - chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - in defense of DADT - told the Chicago Tribune that he considered homosexual acts to be immoral - and likened homosexuality to adultery.

      Someone stuck a microphone in Hillary's face the next day and asked her what she thought. Her response was "That's for others to decide."

      My jaw dropped at her incredible lack of courage.

      For that, I am confident that if asked "Do you think a mulatto has the genetic material to be president." She would say, "That's for others to decide."

    1. BB on May 27, 2008 6:45:29 PM:

      Hawyer, you sort of did a complete turn around in tone, but I like it, I like it. :-)

      The truth is, Hillary would BENEFIT if Obama was assassinated. SO, with that in mind, she should have known better than to say such a thing. The EXPERIENCE she has, that she keeps reminding of us, has been lost on her, it seems. SO, you have 2 ways to go with it. She said such a thing, ON PURPOSE, for a calculated reason, using her great EXPERIENCE. OR, her EXPERIENCE has taught her nothing, and we should DREAD it being her answering the phone at 3 in the morning, in the White House, for fear of what she might say.

      AND Obama should not be blamed in any way for how he responded to her assassination comment. SO, I was taking issue with that. He was MUCH more polite than she has been, towards him, me thinks. BUT, I see that we do agree on much. :-)

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