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    June 17, 2008

    GNW 5: Gay couples marry in Calif.

    Posted by: Chris

    1. Same-sex couples begin marrying in Calif.SAME-SEX COUPLES BEGIN MARRYING IN CALIF.: QUICK LOOK: Before the ceremonies began, Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony and seven other Southern California Catholic bishops reaffirmed their opposition to same-sex marriage... (MORE)
    2. Gay marriage unlikely to influence presidential raceGay marriage unlikely to influence presidential race: QUICK LOOK: Gas prices. Iraq. Health insurance. Gay marriage? As John McCain and Barack Obama battle in Ohio during the next five months, voters are not likely to hear much from... (MORE)
    3. Gay soldiers in Brazil face humiliating discrimnationGay soldiers in Brazil face humiliating discrimination: QUICK LOOK: The imprisonment of a gay soldier in the Brazilian army has sparked a nationwide debate about sexuality and discrimination in the world's largest Catholic country. Army... (MORE)
    4. Elderly lesbian couple becomes first in S.F. to marryElderly lesbian couple becomes first in S.F. to marry: QUICK LOOK: Cheers filled San Francisco's City Hall shortly after 5 p.m. as longtime lesbian activists Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, partners for more than 50 years, began their second... (MORE)
    5. Gay couples in Mass. find marriage can be mixed bagGay couples in Mass. find marriage can be mixed bag: QUICK LOOK: Four years after Massachusetts became the first state to allow gay couples to marry, there have been blissful unions, painful divorces and everything in between. Some... (MORE)

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    1. Hawyer on Jun 17, 2008 12:04:17 PM:

      Well of course, we homosexuals, unworthy as we are, simply have to hang on the tattered coattails of any Democrat - understanding full well that - at least at the national level- we are still the political third rail: touch us and you're dead.

      And woo-hoo Chris. Obama said he wasn't bothered by gay marriage in California. Now that's a rousing accolade of support. Sort of like saying your sister doesn't sweat much for a fat chick.

      For that, I am troubled by Mr. Obama's potential to come through in any proactive way. Here's the hawyer sniff test:

      1. Obama is a Negro (OK half Negro). And we already know his religious moorings. There is possibly no more homophobic claque in the US than black activist churches. Now maybe I missed the footage of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright comparing the struggles of homosexuals with the travails of slavery, but I'm betting that one is NOT in his polemic repertoire.

      2. Separate but equal. Now where I have I heard that one before? Ummm. Let me think. Who is this black man who now thinks that arrangement is just dandy when if comes to another politically unpopular minority.

      3. States rights. Now where have I head that one before? I'm thinking of Ronald Regan's 1980 presidential kick-off in Philadelphia, Mississippi - where he extolled the virtues of Nixon's Southern Strategy - AKA State's Rights. AKA unambiguous code for old school cracker bigots. AKA Southern Democrats disaffected by the civil rights movement. Who is this black man who now thinks "equal protection under law" should be up for majority vote at the state level.

      The Hawyer sniff test picks up tainted inventory.

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