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    June 19, 2008

    Queerty is as Queerty does

    Posted by: Chris

    I expected some bitchy reaction to my post earlier today about the curious selection of "Real World" alum Dan Renzi to be the editor of the Express Gay News, Fort Lauderdale's LGBT paper. Discussing Renzi's "unusual" journalism cred, I pointed to his stint as queen bitch on the gay blog Queerty, and I wondered out loud "whether the content-'lite' snarkiness of reality TV and Queerty will play well" at a community newspaper with so many politically serious readers.

    No reax as of yet from Renzi himself, but the Queerty queens pretty much flipped a gasket:


    Homo blowhard Chris Crain doesn’t approve of Real World alum Dan Renzi’s editorial appointment at Floridian fag-rag Express Gay News. And who would? Consider Renzi’s coverage of gay marriage in California: “Who wants to write a story for me about the whole gay marriage thing?” Nice. And, yes, we know Renzi once edited this very blog, but he doesn’t anymore - one guess why.

    In the years since he left, new folks have helped redirect this site. Crain knows that, of course, but still used his column to take a shot at us. Thanks, Crain, you dick.

    Actually, I would agree that Queerty's reporting has improved quite a bit since Renzi's departure. Just yesterday I listed it among the 15 sources I look to for gay political news.

    Funny enough, the anonymous (scared?) author of the Queerty post shared my concerns about Dan Dan the editor man and went on to proved my point (with an exclamation point) about just how tired and vacuous the catty queen stereotype has become.

    (More evidence of that last point: "Pissing match between Chris Crain and Queerty Leaves Real World-er Dan Renzi Soaking Wet")



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    1. David on Jun 19, 2008 11:28:07 PM:

      Renzi won't last long at the Express.
      He's treating everyone like dirt
      and no one likes him.

      Dan Renzi is a sad example of what the gay community used to be.
      Fortunately, the rest of us are growing up.

    1. Scott on Jun 20, 2008 11:00:19 AM:

      Queerty is self-hatred central for openly gay men. There are more derogatory remarks made about gay people on that site then there is on townhall.com or freerepublic.com.

      Dan Renzi should have never been hired. He is the embodiment of gay male self-hatred. His dismal of marriage rights for gay couples in California just proves that.

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