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    July 21, 2008

    GNW 5: Father-son day in S.C.

    Posted by: Chris

    1. S.C. father chases gay son from home with a baseball bat: QUICK LOOK: Violence broke out Sunday in Anderson when an 18-year-old man returned home from a gay pride parade and was assaulted by his father. According to the Anderson County Sheriff's Office, the battering... (MORE)
    2. Almost 40 and living on the frontier of transgender civil rights: QUICK LOOK: He has meaty forearms, facial hair and speaks in the animated tones of a pubescent boy. When he dresses in his favorite sweats, he is barrel-bellied and unquestionably masculine. No trace of breasts... (MORE)
    3. Selma Blair shocked by friends' lesbian crushes on herSelma Blair shocked by friends' lesbian crushes on her: QUICK LOOK: Selma Blair is "shocked" by how many of her friends have lesbian crushes on her. The actress, who famously shared a steamy kiss with Sarah Michelle Gellar in ‘Cruel Intentions',... (MORE)
    4. Sydney protest decries Pope Benedict as 'homophobic'Sydney protest decries Pope Benedict as 'homophobic': QUICK LOOK: A coalition of groups – including atheist and gay groups – rallied in Sydney, Australia against Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday. The NoToPope Coalition says Pope Benedict... (MORE)
    5. Anglican row over gay bishops 'like Iraq war': leaderAnglican row over gay bishops 'like Iraq war,' says cleric: QUICK LOOK: One of the Church of England’s most senior bishops has compared the consecration of a gay bishop in America to the invasion of Iraq. Tom Wright, the bishop of Durham... (MORE)

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