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    July 18, 2008

    GNW 5: Newsflash: S.C. isn't 'so gay'

    Posted by: Chris

    1. Federal appeals court OKs removal of anti-gay picketFederal appeals court OKs removal of anti-gay picket: QUICK LOOK: In a closely watched First Amendment case stemming from a clash between a group of Christian protesters and the attendees of a gay pride event, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court... (MORE)
    2. Division emerges among gay marriage foes in Calif.Division emerges among gay marriage foes in Calif.: QUICK LOOK: A united front by conservative forces against same-sex marriage in California is showing signs of cracking -- or of having been an illusion all along. Last week, the... (MORE)
    3. Husband of 'View' ex-host Jonses says he's not gayHusband of 'View' ex-host Star Jones says he's not gay: QUICK LOOK: Star Jones' estranged husband, Al Reynolds, is trying to set the record straight. Reynolds said on a new YouTube video, "I am not a homosexual," and says he still very... (MORE)
    4. E.U. is growing fonder of gay and lesbian residentsE.U. is growing fonder of gay and lesbian residents: QUICK LOOK: The latest Eurobarometer survey examining discrimination in the European Union published this month reveals growing acceptance of the LGBT community within the E.U.,... (MORE)
    5. S.C. tourism agency worker quits over 'So Gay' adsS.C. tourism agency worker quits over 'So Gay' ads: QUICK LOOK: A South Carolina tourism employee has resigned in the wake of outrage over an advertising effort to attract gay tourists to the state. Last week, the state Department... (MORE)

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    1. Father Faggot on Jul 18, 2008 4:46:44 PM:

      The person who quit his/her job over the So Gay ad probably didn't like the job anyway. No big deal; why is it in the news?

    1. James on Jul 20, 2008 8:16:09 AM:

      Interesting that someone would resign in protest of an ad campaign that (a) creates more jobs, (b) brings money to his state and his economy and (c) helps him keep HIS job because of the increased number of tourists visiting SC.

      His actions are akin to a waiter that refuses to serve gay patrons, who are known to be among the best tippers. The guy simply found an opportunity to make a grand exit. Now he's free to pursue his career in theater...and be around LOTS of gay people!

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