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    August 28, 2008

    If it's Romney...

    Posted by: Kevin

    RomneyxJohn McCain is expected to announce his running mate in the next 24 hours.  The rising speculation from Republican and conservative circles is that it will be Mitt Romney, McCain's defeated foe from the primaries.  Knowing how Republican activists and pundits operate, the buzz could be a combination of wishful thinking, bullpen calculations and a bit of actual intelligence from balloon-floating campaign aides.  Who knows? 

    What is known for sure is that, besides McCain himself, no more than four or five of his aides know the name of his choice at this hour.

    A couple things would be certain if the choice really is Mitt Romney.  It would be the end of the road for McCain with a lot of gay Republicans, whose loathing of Romney is perhaps even more intense than for much of the Christian Right's various backbenchers, given his betrayal of a decade of strong public support for gay rights (and strong gay Republican support in return) once his ill-fated presidential campaign began.  A Romney pick would also make a Log Cabin endorsement for McCain nearly impossible, despite the iron will among some hardline partisans within the organization to ensure an endorsement at almost any cost.  From what I can measure picking Romney would be felt like a knife in the chest even by some of McCain's oldest and strongest admirers within Log Cabin.

    It is also hard to imagine what good Romney would bring to McCain's presidential effort.  He's a very wealthy man and a gigantic target by an increasingly populist Democratic Party, particularly among those looking to bring Hillary Clinton's working-class whites back into the fold.  Perhaps Romney could help in his native Michigan, though it has been 40 years since his father was governor so one wonders how many voters today actually remember his father.  Michigan has been hemorrhaging jobs so Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, where layoffs were sometimes part of the “turn around strategy” for good or bad, will cause problems among blue collar voters. 

    Also, Romney’s selection could only hurt in frighteningly vulnerable states for the GOP like Georgia, North Carolina and Mississippi, where Republican base voters are evangelical Christians whose petulant intolerance against "heretics" (like the Mormon former governor of Massachusetts) has been intensely stoked by their political leaders for too long to change course this late in the game.  There are a lot of evangelical voters in the GOP fold who would rather vote for pro-choice Rudy Giuliani than for an adherent to a religion that many of them consider a cult.  Political 'heresy' is very different from outright religious heresy to those folks.

    Romney was also defeated in the primaries largely because of Republican unease with his oily shift on so many issues -- he was a pro-choice, pro-gay reformist 1994 Senate candidate and governor from 2002 to 2006 who suddenly pirouetted into a staunchly anti-gay, anti-abortion midwesterner before he even left the statehouse in Boston.  He leapt on the anti-gay-marriage train so severely and eagerly that he gleefully self-immolated in Boston to foist his martyrdom aloft for all the Red States to see.  It won him enough calculating Republican activists to gain traction in some of the primaries, and to generate lots of buzz, but McCain and Mike Huckabee tore at his flanks from both sides fairly easily right out of the gate and Romney was stopped.

    Picking Romney would also raise more doubts about McCain's own beliefs, especially among his most fanatical primary supporters who bitterly fought Romney in every state they contested.  The McCainiacs were fighting against a man who came to represent the worst aspects of a post-Bush GOP establishment: an empty suit, a weirdly naive and creepily clean-cut face ready to believe anything and do anything to win.  It would also cement a disturbing transformation inside McCain himself.  For a man, whose great appeal has been rooted in his maverick instincts, to choose Romney as his running mate at this moment of triumph would be perplexing and confusing to independent voters, who shunned Romney in the primaries.  And that could cost McCain the margin he desperately needs to hold in November.

    Whoever McCain picks, the reasons behind it, and the strategy it will come to represent, should become very clear over the weekend as the campaign rolls out its ticket in a battleground state tour that will end up in Minneapolis.  We'll be seeing the final touches being placed on the real campaign that will be unfolding over the coming months. 

    Here's hoping the campaign isn't over by this time tomorrow.  Those of us who remain undecided have fairly open minds, but not that open.



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    1. North Dallas Thirty on Aug 28, 2008 4:03:11 PM:

      Romney would be a patently-stupid choice. I don't share Kevin's faith in exactly how much gay Republicans or evangelical Christians hate him, but across the board, it's been made pretty obvious that Republicans won't vote for him.

      To me, Romney is a white Obama: lots of advantages on paper, slick in person, but crippled by the obvious and blatant fact that his position on any issue is set by the political expediency of the moment. Cabinet member yes, VP no.

    1. Wes on Aug 28, 2008 6:01:19 PM:

      I am just curious. Why would LCR endorse McCain who is even worse on gay issues than Bush? Do gay issues take a back seat in their deliberations?

    1. Lucrece on Aug 28, 2008 6:57:01 PM:

      Don't be silly, Wes. Unlike gay Democrats they're not "single-issue voters"!

    1. Chris on Aug 29, 2008 12:11:48 AM:

      Good for you, Kevin. It's refreshing to see my gay Republican friends drawing the line somewhere, even if it's not where I'd draw it myself!

    1. Allan on Aug 29, 2008 3:20:16 AM:

      I just finished watching Obama's speech and the reactions thereto, and here's a breaking newsflash for you, Kevin:

      McCain's campaign is ALREADY over, though his selection of VP will drive the last stake through its heart.

      And if not Mittens, for whom, pray tell, would you advocate amongst the Republicans' breathtakingly shallow pool of candidates?

    1. Andoni on Aug 29, 2008 8:44:43 AM:

      If it indeed is Romney, then between McCain and Romney, over the past 8 year they will have been on all sides of most issues currently being debated.

      This would ordinarily be a guaranteed losing situation. However for the American electorate which has a history of being easily fooled, people may actually look at these two and think these guys believe in what they believe in.

    1. JC Allen on Aug 29, 2008 11:39:18 AM:

      Sarah Palin is an excellent choice.

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