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    September 19, 2008

    Good news about a good friend

    Posted by: Chris

    Richardquestheader I am very happy to tell you some good news about a good friend of mine who has bounced back from some tough times.

    After a hiatus of several months, my friend Richard Quest -- one of the few openly gay anchors on CNN or any other news channel -- is back on the air. He is once again hosting "CNN Business Traveller," which airs on CNN International. (Mondays at midnight here in Rio De Janeiro, and Mondays in the AM in Europe and elsewhere. Check the schedule here.)

    Unfortunately, it appears "Business Traveller" doesn't air in North America, but you can still check out Richard's inimitable -- and un-imitatable -- style by watching clips online.

    So far no official word on Richard's other CNN show -- "Quest" -- and it appears CNN has disabled the link for the show on its site. I'll see if I can find out more.

    Regardless, CNN should be commended for sticking by one of its most talented anchors, and Richard should be commended for working through an incredibly difficult time, made tougher by nasty bloggers -- many of them gay -- who found it more interesting to violate his personal privacy than recognize the contribution he makes by being openly gay in an industry where most are still hiding. (You listening, Anderson?)

    Thomas_roberts UPDATE: Just thought I would add a note about another openly gay news anchor, formerly of CNN, who went through some very tough times of his own.

    I've also had the pleasure on a couple occasions to meet Thomas Roberts, a regular on CNN Headline News for many years, and just found out via Google and Wikipedia that he's been back on the air for a while now, covering the Hollywood celebrity beat for "The Insider." He talks all about it in this Advocate cover story from back in May.

    Kudos to Thomas, as well, for bouncing back from adversity. I hope he is enjoying his (somewhat) new beat.



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    1. SpinningWheels on Sep 19, 2008 9:17:54 PM:

      I don't know Richard Quest personally, but he has earned my respect by being honest about his sexuality in an industry which makes being honest about it difficult.

      He's also an entertaining host who manages to make watching the news "fun". If CNN was smart, they would put Richard's talents to more use.

      And it doesn't hurt that he has a great sounding accent and he's good looking too.

    1. Scott on Sep 22, 2008 10:24:25 PM:

      Thomas Roberts is no longer working with The Insider. He was let go earlier this year (Feb. or March) after working there for 5-7 months. I have no idea what he is doing now.

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