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    September 06, 2008

    Some great ad ideas for Obama

    Posted by: Andoni

    I'm usually in bed by 11, so I TIVO the Daily Show with Jon Stewart every night and watch it the next day. Last night was their wrap up of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, and it was brilliant. If anyone from the Obama campaign was watching, there are at least two TV ads ready to go from the material Stewart put together last night.

    The first potential ad is right along the same lines they have been using -- linking Senator John McCain to President George W. Bush. It shows highlights of the acceptance speeches of each person, and makes them look like twins......word for work. Very powerful. The material for the potential ad begins at 4:25 into the clip and finishes at 6:00.

    The second clip has a lot of material and may be harder to boil down to a 30 second spot. However, it does nail the fact that McCain was one person in 2000 when he ran for president, but from 2006 to now, he morphed into an entirely different person. The real political meat begins at 3:15. Take a look.



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    1. Thor on Sep 6, 2008 6:07:08 PM:

      I saw that the other day. It was crazy funny yet somewhat creepy. Amazing the power that old clips have. Anyway the Mccain speech writers should have invested time in making the speech less like anything President Bush has uttered.

    1. Kris on Sep 7, 2008 11:59:31 AM:


      OBAMA/BI-n-la-DEN 08

    1. Charlie on Sep 7, 2008 3:48:24 PM:


      I'm actually planning on voting word games first. Since no one's come up with anything particularly clever for McCain/Palin, I'm going to vote for "OBAMA/BI-n-la-DEN." But keeping my options open in case something better comes up.

    1. JC Allen on Sep 7, 2008 6:07:19 PM:

      As a former member of the 'Me' Generation I agree with McCain's slogan of 'Country First'. It does away with the form of government some people believe in~ a massive pig which everyone gets a teet to suck on...

    1. Charlie on Sep 7, 2008 7:23:10 PM:

      As a former member of the 'Me' Generation

      It's too late to change generations, JC. You were born when you were born.. whether you like it or not.

      So explain this pig analogy to me a bit better. Once the money stops flowing to the teats, where does it go? To the country itself? What is the country going to do with all this money? So the way you're reading McCain's slogan is that the country as a concept is more important than the people who live in it? Or more important than CERTAIN people who live in it? Just curious.

    1. Allan on Sep 8, 2008 12:57:06 PM:

      The biggest sucklers of the government's teats are the death merchants who profit from the murder of innocent citizens of sovereign lands when the politicians they buy dance to their tune.

    1. bruce on Sep 11, 2008 3:59:22 PM:

      Three ad ideas for the Obama campaign, by an award winning playwright.

      Ad #1: The house is on fire. (show a burning house)
      “If someone told you your house was on fire, and you saw.... that indeed, it was on fire.... would you believe that person and join them in putting out the fire, or would you believe the guy who is saying your house is not on fire, that the fundamentals of your house are basically strong....... Don't deny what your own eyes are telling you, vote for the guy who sees that your house is on fire, vote for Barack Obama.”

      Ad #2: The sound of laughing. (show overweight Republicans in cowboys hats, laughing, and self-satisfied Republican spokes-persons, snickering)
      “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of laughing. That’s the sound of Republicans laughing because they think they have pulled a fast one on America, because they think they have stolen the theme of change from the Democrats and are going to steal the election from them, too, by distracting us from the issues and campaigning on personalities. Stop the laughing, end the nonsense. Vote for Barack Obama.”

      Ad #3: Another Ripley’s Believe it or not. (On screen should be the words, “Another Ripley’s Believe it or not”, and scenes of the Iraq war and McCain).
      “John McCain will not admit that the invasion of Iraq was one of the worst disasters in the history of American foreign policy. Shortly after 9/11 he stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and said, ‘on to Baghdad’. Later he proclaimed that the war in Iraq would be ‘easy’. Now, after billions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, he expects that one of the reasons people should vote for him is because of his sound judgement on Iraq. Incredibly, he really does expect this----believe it, or not.

    1. lol on Sep 13, 2008 11:17:04 AM:

      Play video of Palin, “I told Congress, 'Thanks, but no thanks,' on that bridge to nowhere.”

      Simultaneously play audio of Lyin’ Eyes by the Eagles,

      “You can't hide your lyin' eyes, and your smile is a thin disguise. I thought by now you'd realize there ain't no way to hide those lying eyes.”

      Now Tell Palin/McCain for President - “Thanks, but no thanks”

      Fool me once, shame on you.
      Fool me twice, shame on me.
      Fool me three times, I’m a Republican.

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