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    October 27, 2008

    "I've been tested." Bullshit!

    Posted by: Andoni

    Mccain_final"I want to tell you one thing, my friends, I've been tested. I've been tested."

    Am I the only person in the world who hears these words and wonders what the hell he's talking about?

    McCain's claim came up most recently after Senator Joseph Biden told a group of supporters that a President Obama would be tested by our adversaries in the first 6 months of his administration, just as President Kennedy had been tested by the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    McCain jumped on this statement and said he would not have to be tested in this manner. He claimed that he was already tested because he was there during the Cuban Missile Crisis and was already tested. What McCain is referring to, and what none of the corporate media has examined or questioned, is that he was merely a navy pilot during that crisis. He was based on an aircraft carrier, that carrier was sent to the waters near Cuba, and he was ready with his plane to attack Cuba. Is this equivalent to the test the leader of the free world faces in a major crisis? When the leader of the free world is confronted by crisis such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, he must analyze the options, and then make a decision that affects the entire country, if not the world. Is that how McCain was tested when he was sitting in his plane on that aircraft carrier? I think not! McCain was merely following orders.

    There is not equivalence here. McCain was in the navy on his aircraft carrier, his aircraft carrier was ordered by the president to the waters near Cuba, and McCain was ordered to be ready. McCain did not have to make any decisions. All he had to do was follow orders, as any good soldier does. Is it being tested when you follow the orders of your superior? To do anything else, he would have been court-martialed. So, I don't see how this scenario relates in any way to a new commander in chief being tested by a foreign adversary. McCain was not in charge, McCain made no decisions. His claim on this is bullshit.

    So when was McCain tested? During his 5 and 1/2 years as a prisoner of war in Hanoi? Sure that was tough, but that test was one of personal survival skills, not a test of the administrative, intellectual and decision making skills that a president must have. And if you want to get technical, did McCain pass that test with flying colors? I would argue not really. During his time there he signed many confessions and participated in propaganda films against the United States. I would have probably done the same. However, there is no correlation between surviving in a POW camp for 5 years and the administrative, judgment and intellectual skills needed to be a good president.

    You might argue that McCain refusing to accept early release because his father was an admiral was a test and he passed that. Maybe so, but I would counter that "first in, first out" is a Commandment in the military and McCain knew very well that if he went afoul of that, he would never make admiral, something that he still aspired to at that time. But most importantly, again, that type of test (following an established, routine military Commandment) is nothing like the test that a president must face when a never seen before or experienced before crisis arises.

    "I've been tested" rings even more hollow when you consider McCain's conduct during this presidential campaign. His has been a campaign with no direction, no backbone, and complete disorder. He failed the test when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. He really wanted Senator Joe Lieberman because he felt Lieberman was the best choice for the country. However, he did not go to bat for Lieberman and instead, allowed himself to be bowled over by the right wing religious base of his party. On this test that is more relevant to the decisions a president makes, he was tested ........and failed!

    Also, in the recent economic crisis, McCain did not measure up as a tested leader. He lurched from position to position and could not chart a clear direction for his campaign, his party or the country. Again, this was a test more analogous to what presidents need to do in crises.......and once again, he failed!

    McCain's statement, "I've been tested" is all bullshit. In the early years it had nothing to do with skills needed to be commander in chief. And most importantly, in recent months in situations that do have relevance to being president, McCain failed miserably.



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    1. Brad on Oct 27, 2008 10:43:17 AM:

      Curious that a McCain banner ad smearing Obama is running on your website.

    1. Doug on Oct 27, 2008 6:23:37 PM:

      Thank god someone finally said this. Thank you Andoni.

      As I recall McCain confessed to being a war criminal too. Yes he was tortured but so were others and they did not confess.

    1. Hawyer on Oct 27, 2008 6:25:36 PM:

      I concur that John McCain has flunked the only two tests for which he has sat during his campaign: (a) picking Sarah Palin as his veep and (b) his faux-suspension of his campaign to solve the financial crisis (and dodge his first dabate).

      Having come in 894 out of 899 in his Annapolis class, at least his testing is consistent.

    1. Lucas on Oct 27, 2008 7:05:26 PM:

      Oh, come on, fellas... Of course McCain WAS tested -- and he FAILED MISERABLY.

      He was tested when he was tasked to pick his running mate -- his VP -- his possible successor should he decide to "check-out" early. Who did he pick? A governor with less experience (is it possible?!) than Hillary, less than Obama. A governor who lack acceptable level of knowledge about the our political system. A governor who clearly isn't ready to be on the national stage, and most definitely isn't ready to be one step away from the "button".

      Certainly, John McCain was tested. And without a doubt, he failed.

    1. Matt on Oct 27, 2008 7:26:35 PM:

      WTF is this, "Citizen Andoni"? What has happened to this blog?

      It's becoming just another retread of every other gay political blog out there.

    1. Allan on Oct 27, 2008 8:09:06 PM:

      Remember, three lies men tell:

      I've been tested.

      I'll still respect you in the morning.

      I promise not to cum in your mouth.

    1. Hawyer on Oct 27, 2008 8:44:04 PM:

      Ayyyy - the thought of Grandpa McCain cumming in my mouth has sent me screaming into the night !

    1. livejasmin on Oct 29, 2008 12:36:39 PM:

      mccain is in early state of dementia.

      @allan: good ones :) never heard this joke before

    1. JosephB on Nov 3, 2008 8:54:02 AM:

      It was not only George Bush who was tested on 9/11. You do not have to be the one in charge and making decisions in order to be tested.

      I disagree that military personnel are not tested. You not only grow by making tough decisions, but also being able to look back and understand the decisions made for you. In a time of war, while watching your brothers and sisters die in battle, I could only imagine that listening to orders from your commanders is not as simple and easy as you seem to think. In fact, a few have failed in their actions against Iraqi citizens. I personally cant imagine the job of protecting the people who I begin to believe has harmed those I care for.

      I have a lot of opinions, but nowhere near the experience or history of service to my country to question McCain on this matter.

      I would agree that Palin lacks experience, but lets step back for a second. Where were all the 'experience is so important screamers' when the issue was being thrown at Obama? Obama has aspired to be President for a long time. Yet even after 18 months of top military and foreign relation advisors getting him up to speed on US policy, etc., he states he will meet with rouge leaders with no preset conditions and he states at an Israeli dinner that we must not have a divided Jerusalem. US policy is to NOT takes sides regarding Jerusalem. I would argue that Palin, with less 2 months of advisors getting her up to speed on McCains record as well as the campaigns views on US foreign policy, has not made a comment or taken a stand anywhere near as sophomoric as Obama.

      I suppose I should not be surprised that a candidate for President and one for Vice President are being held up to different standards? I should understand why a VP candidates lack of experience is more damaging than a Presidential candidates lack of experience. We are after all, referring to an election where is has been accepted to refer to female candidates as nut-crackers, ditzy, bitches, floozies and on and on. But don't anyone dare invoke the middle name of the black candidate, or you will instantly be labeled racist. Matter of fact, do not even think to question his past, his voting record or his current positions which will more than likely be different tomorrow. To do so, will only show you to be the racist that you must be.

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