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    October 19, 2008

    The Week on GNW (Oct. 11-17)

    Posted by: Chris

    Here are the five biggest stories from Gay News Watch over the last week:

    1. Poll shows most in Conn. support gay marriage rulingPoll shows most in Conn. support gay marriage ruling: QUICK LOOK: A new poll says 53 percent of Connecticut residents support last week's state Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay and lesbian marriages. The University of Connecticut... (MORE)
    2. Texas judge equated gays with prostitutes defending lenience for killer: QUICK LOOK: The horror that accompanied the shooting deaths of two Dallas gay men in 1988 was only equaled by the injustice that followed the trial of their killer.  Jack Hampton, the judge who presided... (MORE)
    3. Ellen buys TV time to play her video opposing Prop. 8Ellen buys TV time to play her video opposing Prop. 8: QUICK LOOK: Ellen DeGeneres has purchased ad time to run her video in which she urges California voters to vote no on Proposition 8. In the spot, she says, “Hi, I’m Ellen DeGeneres... (MORE)
    4. Religion can't justify sodomy law, says Delhi high courtReligion can't justify sodomy law, Delhi high court rules: QUICK LOOK: Testing the government's logic justifying ban on homosexuality, Delhi HC asked it to produce evidence that AIDS had spread in countries where homosexuality has been decriminalised... (MORE)
    5. Aussie Senate OKs bill for 'de facto couples' including gays: QUICK LOOK: De facto couples, including same sex couples, whose relationship has broken down will be treated in the same way as divorcing couples under legislation passed by the Senate. The government's legislation... (MORE)

    And here are a few of the most popular from the last week:

    • Asian-Americans strongly oppose Calif. gay marriage ban: QUICK LOOK: Asian-Americans in California overwhelmingly oppose a ballot measure that would ban gay marriage in the state, according to a groundbreaking survey released Wednesday. The poll found that 57 percent... (MORE)
    • S.D. judge rules against firefighters in gay pride suitS.D. judge rules against firefighters in gay pride suit: QUICK LOOK: A judge has concluded that city officials did not violate the free-speech rights of four firefighters when they were ordered to attend last year's gay pride parade in Hillcrest. ... (MORE)
    • Thousands flock to Rio De Janeiro's Gay Pride paradeThousands flock to Rio De Janeiro's Gay Pride parade: QUICK LOOK: Hundreds of thousands of gays, lesbians and transsexuals partied down Brazil's world famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro on Oct. 12 to call for an end to homophobic... (MORE)
    • Wanted: Sponsorship for Aussie gay gold medalistWanted: Sponsorship for Aussie gay gold medalist: QUICK LOOK: There are out-and-proud cabinet ministers, ambassadors, high court judges and religious leaders, but Australia's only openly gay elite athlete is Matthew Mitcham, who... (MORE)
    • No residency requirement for Conn. gay marriagesNo residency requirement for Conn. gay marriages: QUICK LOOK: Same-sex couples won't have to live in Connecticut to wed once gay marriage becomes officially legal here. And they won't have to wait. Spouses-to-be will need only to... (MORE)
    • Meet the 'bofes' from Gay Pride in Rio De JaneiroMeet the 'bofes' from Gay Pride in Rio De Janeiro: QUICK LOOK: Rio celebrated its 13th Annual Gay Pride yesterday. According to the event organizers, about 1.5 million people attended the parade by the beach. The governor Sérgio...(MORE)


    These were the five stories on Gay News Watch with the biggest buzz over the last seven days, along with some of the most popular stories from the last week. You can also view the stories with the biggest buzz factor from the last month or year, and the most popular from the last month or year.



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    1. Allan on Oct 21, 2008 12:02:14 AM:

      Chris, can I make a request?

      I would really, really like to read a post on Palin's call for a federal ban on same-sex marriage. And I would like it to be authored by Kevin, and whether he is still "undecided" about the presidential election.

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