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    November 07, 2008

    Changes in Albany = marriage in NY

    Posted by: Andoni

    Newyorkstatecapitolalbanyny232In a little noticed election result in the same sex marriage battle, the New York state senate switched  from Republican control to Democratic control for the first time in 4 decades. (There was temporary fear that two Democrats would switch to Republican to prevent this earthquake, but that has subsided.)

    The senate change is huge because a pro-active same sex marriage bill has been hung up by Republicans in the state senate for years, never being allowed to come up for a vote. The bill has passed the legislature and governor David Paterson has promised to sign it if it comes to his desk. In fact, the governor is pushing for the bill.

    Now that the Democrats control the legislature, the senate, and the governorship, it should become law in the new session.

    Although Paterson signed  an executive order earlier this year for New York to honor same sex marriages legally performed in other states, this is very different than actually allowing same sex marriages to be performed in New York.

    When New York enacts legislation allowing same sex marriage, it will be the first state to do so pro-actively and legislatively without a court involved. Marriage in both Massachusetts and Connecticut were the result of court actions. California did pass same sex marriage legislation, but Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill twice.

    It is interesting that the New York senate changed hands in part by diminishing the stranglehold the NRA had on that body.

    So, as depressed as I am over Prop 8 winning in California, it appears we have a chance of opening another door for marriage as the California door closes temporarily.



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    1. LAVI SOLOWAY on Nov 8, 2008 1:07:08 PM:

      I think there is some justified concern that up to 4 Democrats may caucus with State Republicans, which could short-circuit marriage rights legislation; furthermore, pro-equal marriage rights Senator and major Senate fundraiser, Malcolm Smith was on his way to becoming State Senate Majority leader on election night but he now might be challenged by a more conservative Democrat from Queens for the leadership post. Either way, I would be extremely upset if State Senators like Duane and Smith and the Governor himself did not push this legislation as soon as the majority is seated. They promised it to us and raised $$$ from the gay and lesbian community in New York on this premise.

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